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Glossary - E
Mitarbeiter des Einsatzstabes Reichsleiter Rosenberg beim Packen von Kisten in der Villa Rothschild

"Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg" (ERR)

The "Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg" was National Socialism's most effective looting organization. Initially founded in July 1940 to index Jewish archives and books for the "Hohe Schule" and the "Institute for Research on the Jewish Question," the "Einsatzstab" soon also confiscated works of art and other cultural assets from Jewish collections. Many of these looted artworks were intended for other National Socialist locations, such as the "Special Mission Linz" or for Hermann Göring's personal collection.

So-called "central task forces" were active in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Riga, Minsk, Kiev, and Belgrade. Further subordinate task forces or mobile special commandos were located at other locations.

Aside from its regional structure, the "Einsatzstab" was also divided accordingly to subject areas and groups of materials. The special task forces assigned to the "Library of the Hohe Schule," "Fine Arts," "Institute for Research on the Jewish Question" and "Music" profited especially from the looting raids.