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Washington Conference

For decades, the Cold War had made the interests of victims subordinate to the confrontation between the Eastern and Western blocks. After the change in Europe's political climate in 1989, it became clear how many material losses had not been covered by post-war compensations.

The looting of artworks was one of these issues. Many nations established research commissions to clarify the question. The search for solutions and the agreement to basic principles took place on an international level. The Washington Conference in 1998 was a milestone that had a lasting effect on the art world.

Alfred Wolters (1884-1973)

Alfred Wolters (1884-1973)

Through his contact to Hans Posse, Alfred Wolters, the director of the Städtische Galerie (Municipal Gallery) in Frankfurt attempted to gain access to the collections of the Frankfurt branch of the Rothschild family, which were removed to Paris during the late 1920s and in the meantime had been confiscated for the "Special Mission Linz." Wolters was director of the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt until 1949.