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Acknowledgments of Our Members’ Support

Our members and donors help us to carry out a wide range of projects. From broad-ranging education programs to exciting exhibitions and significant acquisitions – many achievements would have remained nothing but a dream without the support of the Friends of the Museum!

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WORLD.LAB Experiments and Visions

In one-week workshops, the kids explore, discover, and try out options for a new world of their own creation.

Summer Vacation Program


Program for school groups, ages 6 to 19

Guided Tour

“Everyday Realities: Contemporary Jewish Life in Germany”

Fellow Dr. Karen Körber researched the transformation of the local Jewish community.


View of the entrance to the W. Michael Blumenthal Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin

“Hear the Truth, Whoever Speaks It”

Milestones in the work auf Moses Maimonides from Islamic Spain to modern Berlin, available in hardcover & open-access editions, in German

Online Publication


A painting by Lovis Corinth with a secret romantic message

From our Holdings

In the Matzah Bakery

Tour and Matzah Baking for the Passover Festival (in German)

Family Sunday
Apr 2017

The Flowers of the Torah

The workshop is devoted to the Jewish harvest festival of Shavuot and is aimed at families with children aged 6 and older

12 Jun 2016

The Golem Workshop

A program for school groups and after-school groups, ages 7 and older, who want to built their own golem


Graffiti with yellow action figure

Through X-BRG by App (in German)

A digital city walk past sites of resistance in Berlin-Kreuzberg


Defiant Requiem

is dedicated to the Czech conductor and pianist Rafael Schächter, who performed the Verdi Requiem with prisoners at Theresienstadt Ghetto

4 Mar 2014

Black and white image of a section of sand with Hebrew letters, superimposed by painted dots and arrows

Open, Closed, Open

Event for Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin: conversation with the three artists and prizewinners of the Dagesh Art Prize

Artists’ Discussion
25 June 2019

View of the Jewish Museum Berlin: parts of the zinc façade of the Libeskind building and the baroque façade of the old building can be seen

Daniel Bussenius: From a Berlin Farce to a Success Story

Book on the origins of the Jewish Museum Berlin 1971-2001


Isaac and Abul Abbas the White Elephant

In this workshop, families with children aged 6 and older design textiles

11 Sep 2016

A Horse for Hanukkah

Reading and hobbyhorse building (in German)

Dec 2016

Drawing of Golem (in profile)

The Golem is Coming

A vacation day all about golems for children aged 8 to 12 (in German)

Oct 2016

Greetings from Golem

Exhibition tour and screen-printing workshop for adults and children 6 and older

13 Nov 2016