Charlotte Salomon:
Life? Or Theater?

Exhibition Catalog

The exhibition catalog, featuring essays by distinguished experts from Germany and the Netherlands, was released by Prestel Verlag. Charlotte Salomon's images and writings are complemented by essays on the works' structure, artistic significance, and reception. With its preface, biography, and historical timeline of the artist's lifetime, the book paves the way for a rediscovery of this extraordinary body of work.


  • Charlotte Salomon. Leben? oder Theater?
    (Charlotte Salomon: Life? Or Theater?)
    432 pages with 860 illustrations, of them 835 in color,
    Prestel Publishing House
    Munich 2007

    ISBN: 978-3-7913-3912-2
    In German only

  • Editor

    Edward van Voolen

  • Contributing Writers

    Judith C. Belinfante, Joel Cahen, Christine Fischer-Defoy,
    Martin Mansoor, Ad Petersen, Angeli
    Gerhard Schoenberner, Sabine Schulze,
    Lonnie Stegink and Edward van Voolen

  • Translations

    Bram Opstelten

  • Design

    Rainald Schwarz zwischenschritt

  • Price

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