Flight and Metamorphosis:
Nelly Sachs

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This visual biography shows the conditions that gave rise of Nelly Sachs's work: her memory of a familiar yet lost culture and her contact with a new yet foreign culture – in short, a period of crisis and upheaval. This rich collection of material reveals the coordinates of an "invisible universe." This is achieved not only through many freshly unearthed photographs, manuscripts, audio recordings, and videos, but also through an examination of her important friendships with writers such as Paul Celan, Gunnar Ekelöf, and Hans Magnus Enzensberger.


  • Flucht und Verwandlung. Nelly Sachs,
    Schriftstellerin, Berlin/Stockholm

    (Flight and Metamorphosis: Nelly Sachs)
    317 pages with numerous illustrations,
    Suhrkamp Publishing House
    Berlin 2010

    ISBN: 978-3-518-42159-8
    In German only

  • Editor

    Aris Fioretos

  • Translation

    Paul Berf

  • Design

    gewerk design

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