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Glückel in the Bowl

A Cooking Show as Part of Our Community Programming

Glückel is an imaginary kosher creature with a strong appetite. She’s easily bored, so she not only flew from Tel Aviv to Berlin in her flying bowl, but she’s now treating us to her a cooking show of her very own. In “Glückel in the Bowl,” she takes her viewers on a culinary journey through the diversity of Berlin’s kitchens. On the show, she cooks, bakes, and fries together with a wide range of families and communities. Get out your apron and cook along!

Who is Glückel?

Although Glückel was born in Tel Aviv, more than 80 Berliners from all age groups and cultural backgrounds were involved in designing her. They responded to an open call by the Community Programs of the Jewish Museum Berlin that posed the question “What would a Jewish imaginary creature look like?” The colorful designs served as inspiration for the Israeli puppet maker Maria Gurevich when she created Glückel as a theatrical puppet.

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