JMB Journal 13:

The results of a British survey reveal that 89 percent of all people display superstitious behavior every now and then. So what can one do when the thirteenth issue of a magazine happens to be published on a Friday the 13th? Dedicate it to the theme of superstition! But this issue of our JMB Journal is not only about bad omens and good-luck charms. Our authors take a close look at superstition and faith, magic and religion, and the often fluid boundaries between them.

Featuring articles by Peter Schäfer, Shalom Sabar, Rebecca Lesses, Michal Friedlander, Caspar Battegay, Joshua Cody, and Naomi Lubrich along with information about the exhibition In a Foreign Country: Publications from the Displaced Persons Camps, the blog project for the 14th European Maccabi Games, provenance research at the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Award for Understanding and Tolerance, the museum library as a meeting place, the online porta Topography of Jewish life in Germany, and Gertrud and Margarete Zuelzer’s bequest to the Jewish Museum Berlin.

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