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A security guard walks through a deserted showroom at night with a flashlight.

Night Shift

Nighttime Glimpses of the Museum

For our Night Shift project, we followed the people who work after dark: the guards and police officers who protect the museum at night.

The project grew out of our work for the new issue of the JMB Journal on the theme of light.

“Is Somebody There?”

What happens when all the visitors have left, when the exhibitions and offices are deserted and all the lights are out? That’s the night shift for the security detail that protects the building inside and out. We give you glimpses of the museum at night and follow the director of the security team on his patrol with a flashlight, a radio, and only emergency lighting.

Outside are the scattered people and lights of the big city; inside are the vacant spaces of our exhibitions, archives, equipment rooms, and a subterranean maze of core doors. Be careful that you don’t get spooked!
Jewish Museum Berlin, Video: Peter Wollring

This video and photo series were produced in 2018 as a supplement to issue 18 of the print edition of the JMB Journal.

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