Neighbors – people inhabit the same living spaces, streets, and squares. They go to the shop on the ground floor of their buildings, the café on the corner, the museum nearby. In this way they share experiences of their neighbor­hood.

In this issue of the JMB Journal, we take a look at the world around us: we investigate and explore the environment in which we live and recall the successful, conflict-ridden, long-established, and un­expected neigh­borly relations in history.

We are guided by one question: what makes a good neighbor­hood?

In this issue of the JMB Journal, colleagues, neighbors of the museum, and experts from different fields of research answer these questions in surprising, amusing, and thought-provoking ways.

Contributing writers: Lars Bahners, Marica Bodrožić, Benita Braun-Feldweg, Bülent Durmuş, Rachel Furst, Richard Elliot Fried­man, Candy Hart­mann, Ane Kleine-Engel, Miriam Gold­mann, Aubrey Pomerance, and Lea Simon.

Cover of the JMB Journal 25 with the theme Neighbourhood. A high-rise building with a yellow-grey façade can be seen.

Cover JMB Journal 25, motif: ullstein bild - imageBROKER/Schoening Berlin; design: Birgit Eggers, Eggers+Diaper, Aachen

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