JMB Journal 5:
10 Years

Anniversaries are occasions for reflection and commemoration. At the same time, we took our decennial as a moment to think about what lay ahead. We considered the very first, often difficult steps that went into founding an independent Jewish Museum in Berlin, shared personal recollections, contemplated our continuing collection efforts, and raised ideas for how to expand our programs in an ever-changing society.

This issue revolves around the Jewish Museum Berlin itself – as well as those without whom the museum could never have become one of the most successful museums in Germany: donors, supporters, friends, and visitors. Their greetings and voices fill this issue's "Inside JMB" section.

Featuring articles by Diana Pinto, Jörg Lau, Cilly Kugelmann, W. Michael Blumenthal, Margaret Heckel, Ken Gorbey, Michael Naumann, Andreas Kilcher, and Leonore Maier as well as an interview with Daniel Libeskind and congratulatory greetings from around the world for the Jewish Museum Berlin's tenth birthday.

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