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New German Stories

From 2014 to 2018, New German Stories illustrated Germany’s past and present as a multiethnic society through the lens of individual lives. The event series included readings, film screenings, and conversations.

  • Phral mende – Who We Are

    15 March 2018
    Film and Discussion on Perspectives of Sinti and Roma in Germany

  • Dmitrij Belkin

    Germanija. How I Became an Adult and a Jew in Germany

    Reading and discussion on Dmitrij Belkin's narrative that also throws light on immigration today.

    19 Oct 2017

  • With Karamba to the Bundestag

    Reading and Discussion with Karamba Diaby (in German)

    1 Jun 2017

  • Vater unser
    Eine Sintifamilie erzählt
    (Our Father. A Sinti Family Recounts)

    Discussion and reading with Anita Awosusi

    23 Mar 2017

  • Black and white portrait of a young man with glasses in half profile

    A Jew in Neukölln:
    My Path to Coexistence of Religions

    The theology student and journalist Ármin Langer presents his first book

    19 Oct 2016

  • A man is painting on a waggon

    Children of the liberation

    6 July 2016
    Discussion and reading with Marion Kraft, Ika Hügel-Marshall and Judy Gummich: The perspectives of black Germans of the postwar generation

  • A woman and a man (heads)

    ХАИМ – HEIM (Home)

    15 March 2016
    Discussion and film clips with Robert Schulzmann

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    Eine jüdische Mutter packt aus (A Jewish mother reveals all)

    19 May 2015
    Reading and discussion with Adriana Altaras

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    Osama bin Laden is sleeping with fishes

    10 March 2015
    Reading and discussion with Ahmad Milad Karimi

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    The “Koscher Light” Generation

    9 September 2014
    Reading and discussion with Alina Gromova

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    8 July 2014
    Film showing and discussion with Canan Turan

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    Being German and Black as well

    13 May 2014
    Reading and discussion with Theodor Michael

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    On Growing up and Living in Germany

    20 March 2014
    Reading and discussion with Urmila Goel and Nisa Punnamparambil-Wolf

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    We, the new Germans
    Who we are, what we want

    15 January 2014
    Reading and discussion with Alice Bota, Khuê Pham and Özlem Topçu