JMB: highest visitor numbers for 13 years

Press Release, Fri 12 Jan 2024

In 2023, a total of 729,559 people visited the JMB. That’s the highest number of visitors recorded for any of the past thirteen years. When compared with the statistics since the museum opened in 2001, it makes 2023 the year with the fifth highest visitor numbers ever. The record is still held by 2010, when 762,488 people visited the JMB.


Dr. Margret Karsch
Press Officer
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Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation
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“Key contributors to this success were the JMB Children’s World ANOHA and the exhibition Paris Magnétique, 1905–1940, which ran from 25 January to 1 May 2023,” reports Hetty Berg, Director of the JMB. “On just ninety-seven days, around 50,000 visitors came to see works by Jewish artists of the ‘School of Paris’ and draw inspiration from the way that migrant, often margina­lized, positions within the Parisian avant-garde shaped our present-day ideas of Western modernist art. In 2023, 16 percent of the JMB’s visitors came to see ANOHA, the museums Children’s World, which had a total of 116,279 visitors.”

Alongside the core exhibition, the JMB is currently presenting the exhi­bition Another Country: Jewish in the GDR, which will open its doors for the last time on Sunday, 14 January. Every­one is invited to the closing event at 2 p.m. that day. On 9 February, a new exhibition opens, “My Verses Are like Dyna­mite”: Curt Bloch’s Het Onderwater Cabaret. For the very first time, this presents to the public the works and life of Curt Bloch, a German Jew who went underground in the Netherl­ands during the Second World War. While in hiding from the Nazis and their collabo­rators, Bloch created a unique testimony to artistic resistance.

On May 17, the exhibition Sex: Jewish Positions opens. From the central importance of marriage and procreation, via desire, taboos, and the questioning of social norms, to the eroticism of spirituality, the exhi­bition presents the whole spectrum of Jewish attitudes and shows that traditional debates are highly relevant to present-day Jewish positions on sexuality.

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