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Between Sanction and Sanctification – Alcohol in Judaism and Christianity

Perspectives on Religious Food Regulations – Dialogical Lecture Series (Livestream)

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Wine embodies a multifaceted symbolism in Judaism and plays a special role in its liturgy. Its importance can be observed in the blessing over the goblet of wine at the beginning of Jewish holidays, in which God is honored as the creator of the fruit of the vine. At the same time, the consumption of alcohol and wine is heavily regulated in Judaism. Wine also has a sacred function in Christianity. What kinds of alcohol are Jews allowed to produce, enjoy, and sell? How can this special relationship to alcohol in Judaism and Christianity be explained?

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Jordan D. Rosenblum

Jordan D. Rosenblum is a professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author of The Jewish Dietary Laws in the Ancient World (Cambridge University Press, 2016). His newest publications include Rabbinic Drinking: What Beverages Teach Us About Rabbinic Literature (University of California Press, 2020).

David Grumett

David Grumett is a senior lecturer in Theology and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on the Eucharist and theological views of food. In his major book Material Eucharist (Oxford University Press, 2016), he draws on insights from history, archeology, anthropology, and cultural studies to trace the history of the Eucharist in its material elements of bread and wine.

The dialogical lecture will be chaired by Shlomit Tripp.

Prof. Jordan D. Rosenblum (left); photo: Danielle Matthias; und David Grumett (right); photo: Ed Cearns

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