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Frédéric Brenner:

Accompanying Publication to the Exhibition

Following more than forty years of photographic storytelling of Jewish life around the world, Frédéric Brenner spent three years exploring Berlin – a stage for a vast spectrum of expressions and performances of Judaism. The Jewish Museum Berlin premiered his new photographic essay, ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES from 3 September 2021 through 24 April 2022 (read more on the exhibition).

In addition to the photographs, the exhibitionʼs accompanying publication includes two essays, a timeline of the project, and distilled fragments of conversations and texts Brenner came across — all part of his Berlin fieldwork exploration.

You can browse the first pages of the book digitally on the publisherʼs website.


  • Frédéric Brenner: ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES
    168 pages
    142 illustrations
    Linen Hardcover
    Hatje Cantz Verlag
    Berlin, August 2021

    ISBN: 978-3-7757-5103-2

  • Editor

    Oren Myers

  • With contributions by

    Frédéric Brenner, Elad Lapidot

  • Design

    Julia Wagner, grafikanstalt

  • Price

    45 € (at the museum shop)
    58 € (regular bookstore price)

Gray book cover with the title ZERHEILT and a banderole with a photo of a person sitting alone in the red audience seats of a theater

You can order this publication from a bookstore, or from the museum by contacting

Person alone on one of the red seats in the auditorium of an empty theater, head resting in hands

Exhibition Frédéric Brenner – ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES: Features & Programs

Exhibition Webpage
Frédéric Brenner – ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES – 3 Sep 2021 to 24 Apr 2022
Current page: Frédéric Brenner: ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES – 2021, publication accompanying the exhibition
Accompanying Events
Hevrutah: Zerheilen – Healing to Pieces – an invitation to learn together
See also
Frédéric Brenner, photographer
Digital Content
Without the Leaves, I Would Not Have Started – essay by Frédéric Brenner on ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES, 2021
Staging Jewishness – video recording of the artist talk with Frédéric Brenner, 2022
ZERHEILT: HEALED TO PIECES – The Subjects Pose with Their Portraits – photos and interviews about Jewish life in Berlin, 2021/22
Hevrutah on Memory/Place – video recording, with Yemima Hadad, Netanel Olhoeft, Dekel Peretz, and Barbara Steiner, 2021, in German with English subtitles
Hevrutah on Otherness/Responsibility – video recording, with Liad Hussein Kantorowicz, Benyamin Reich, Irene Runge, and Adam Joachim Goldmann, 2021, in German with English subtitles
Hevrutah on Homeland/Diaspora – video recording, with Akiva Weingarten, Sonia Simmenauer, Elad Lapidot, and Aviva Ronnefeld, 2022, in German with English subtitles

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