Carlo Levi.
Selected Works, 1926–1974

Exhibition Catalog

In 2003, the Jewish Museum Berlin presented sixty works by the painter, author, and Resistance fighter, Carlo Levi (1902–1975). The exhibition was organized by the Fondazione Carlo Levi and the Jewish Museum Frankfurt to honor his 100th birthday.

The exhibition catalog presents selected work by the trained doctor who was actively involved throughout his life in the struggle against fascism, which he engaged in at the price of several arrests and two years' exile. Levi also addressed social themes passionately in much of his art. Political commitment and tireless efforts on behalf of impoverished farmers and laborers defined his life. Portraits of friends both obscure and famous are featured, among them Frank Lloyd Wright, Ilja Ehrenburg, and Pablo Neruda.


  • Carlo Levi. Ausgewählte Werke 1926–1974
    (Carlo Levi. Selected Works, 1926–1974)
    108 pages, over 60 color illustrations,
    Soprintendenza P.S.A.D. della Basilicata
    Matera (Italy) 2003
    German-Italian catalog
  • Editor Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Contributing Writers Filippo Bubbico, Silvio Fagiolo, Cilly Kugelmann and Pia Vivarelli
  • Price 7.50 €

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