Home and Exile:
Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933

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Home and Exile was the first comprehensive show to examine the forced exodus of German Jews to more than a hundred countries worldwide. The richly illustrated catalog has a biographical focus. Where did the emigrants find refuge? Under what conditions? What were their lives like in the countries that took them in?

The catalog documents a variety of biographies and escape routes. These took the emigrants from Germany to destinations as remote as Shanghai and the Dominican Republic – and in some cases brought them back to Germany again after 1945. Different aspects of emigration are explored, together with the emotional and geographical meanings of “home.” Taking the perspective of the emigrants, a separate section introduces each of the more than one hundred countries that served as way-stations or final destinations. This historical atlas provides a unique glimpse at the worldwide diaspora of German Jews that dispersed over seventy years ago.

Details & Excerpts

  • Heimat und Exil. Emigration der deutschen Juden nach 1933
    (Home and Exile: Jewish Emigration from Germany since 1933)
    approx. 300 pages, with numerous part and full-page illustrations,
    Jewish Publishing House at Suhrkamp Publishing House, 2006
    Frankfurt am Main 2006

    ISBN: 3-633-54222-1
    In German only

  • Editors

    Jewish Museum Berlin
    in cooperation with the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn

  • Contributing Writers

    Manja Altenburg, Avraham Barkai, W. Michael Blumenthal,
    Helmuth F. Braun, Hans-Ulrich Dillmann, Dan Diner,
    Atina Grossmann, Wolf Gruner, Susanne Heim,
    Katharina Hoba and Joachim Schlör, Mascha Kaléko,
    Margret Kampmeyer-Käding, Marion A. Kaplan, Tony Kushner,
    Christian Peters, Judith Prokasky, Steven P. Remy,
    Hans Sahl, Bruno Sommerfeld/Heinz Berggruen,
    Bernard Wasserstein

  • Design

    sans serif

  • Price

    24.90 euros

Table of contents & Introduction

In German only

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Exile in Latin America

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