Sex: Jewish Positions

Catalog Accompanying the Exhibition

Unorthodox, Shtisel, and Jewish Matchmaking — these popular TV shows cater to a surprising desire for a peek into the intimate life of Jews.

Whether their protagonists are ultra-Orthodox, secular or somewhere in between, pop culture simplifies a topic that has been the subject of profound debate within the Jewish world ever since the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply.” Rabbis and religious scholars, sex therapists, scientists and artists grapple with traditional ideas and contemporary challenges, and explore Jewish positions on sexuality, in all its diversity.


  • Sex: Jewish Positions  
    224 pages, 80 illustrations in colour
    20 x 24 cm, paperback with flaps
    Hirmer Verlag GmbH
    Berlin 2024 
    ISBN: 978-3-7774-4329-4
    English (also available in German)
  • EditorsMiriam Goldmann, Joanne Rosenthal and Titia Zoeter
  • Contributions byNathan Abrams, Rainer Herrn, Ronit Irshai, Gail Levin, Evyatar Marienberg, Jay Michaelson, Ilana Pardes, Ilka Quindeau, Michal Raucher, Talli Rosenbaum, David Sperber, Gil Yefman
  • TranslationsAdam Blauhut, Allison Brown, Jake Schneider (German–English), Sylvia Zirden (English–German), Anne Birkenhauer (Hebrew–German)
  • Design o t. essays on typography
  • Price35 €
Cover: Colorful photo collage of art objects from the exhibition.

Cover of Sex: Jewish Positions (English edition); design: e o t. essays on typography, Berlin 2024

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Colorful photo collage of art objects from the exhibition.

Sex: Jewish Positions: Features & Programme

Exhibition Webpage
Sex: Jewish Positions – 17 May to 6 Oct 2024
Accompanying Events
Performance and public guided tours with the exhibition’s artists – 17 May 2024
The Song of Songs – Between Innocence and Audacity. Lecture by Ilana Pardes – 4 Jun 2024
From Orthodox to Queer. SEX – Jewish Positions in Film – 23 Jun 2024
Sex. Jüdische Positionen – Catalog accompanying the exhibition, German edition, 2024
Sex: Jewish Positions – Catalog accompanying the exhibition, English edition, 2024
Digital Content
Letʼs Talk About Sex – Online feature accompanying the exhibition
What do the artists say? – Interview series accompanying the exhibition
Listen to the exhibition’s soundtrack – on Spotify
The Song of Songs. Between Literal and Allegorical Loves – Essay by Ilana Pardes
“Sex Is A Force” – Interview with Talli Rosenbaum
Androgynous Characters in I.B. Singer’s Literary Shtetl – Essay by Helena Lutz
Jewish Places – Find information about Jewish sites related to the exhibition on our interactive map
Tours & Workshops
Public tour – in German
Public tour – in Hebrew
Bookable tours – for groups
Hey you! Flirting without Sexism – Workshop for students with drama-pedagogical elements on the exhibition
Duty and Pleasure – Workshop for adults
See also
Jüdisches Film Festival Berlin | Brandenburg – Film series in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Berlin

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