Clichés about Jews and Others

Exhibition Catalog

In three essays with over 150 illustrations, this catalog accompanying the eponymous exhibition examines clichés and prejudices and presents a vibrant explanation of where stereotypes come from, what function they serve, and how politics and art can break them down.


  • typisch! Klischees von Juden und Anderen
    (Typical! Clichés about Jews and Others)
    144 pages with approximately 160 color illustrations,
    Nicolai Publishing House
    Berlin 2008

    ISBN: 978-3-89479-479-8
    In German only

  • Editors

    Jewish Museum Berlin and Jewish Museum Vienna

  • Contributing Writers

    Isolde Charim, Detlev Claussen,
    Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek und
    Hannes Sulzenbacher, Darryl Pinckney,
    Karl Albrecht-Weinberger and Cilly Kugelmann

  • Translation

    Michael Ebmeyer

  • Design

    sans serif

  • Price

    24.90 euros

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