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“Walking Next to One’s Shoelaces Inside an Empty Fridge”

Book on the Installation by Chantal Akerman

As an artistic counterpoint to the exhibition Life? or Theater?, the installation "Neben seinen Schnürsenkeln in einem leeren Kühlschrank laufen" ("Walking Next to One’s Shoelaces Inside an Empty Fridge") by Chantal Akerman was shown. The book of the same name picks up not only on the content of the installation, but also on the design – the fine gauze of the dust jacket and the traditional Japanese stitched bookbinding with various types of paper form a reference to this artwork’s manifold levels of meaning.

The book was honored by the Book Art Foundation as one of the most beautiful books of the year.

Details & Excerpt

  • Chantal Akerman: Neben seinen Schnürsenkeln
    in einem leeren Kühlschrank laufen

    62 pages with illustrations of the installation,
    Hardback with gauze cover
    Jewish Museum Berlin und Laconic Press
    Berlin 2007

    ISBN: 978-3-9808646-8-8

  • Editor

    Cilly Kugelmann

  • Contributing Writers

    Chantal Akerman, Cilly Kugelmann,
    Edna Moshenson, Amy Taubin

  • Translation

    Barbara Honigmann

  • Design

    Mark Diaper, Eggers + Diaper

  • Price


Book Cover of

Heb es gut auf (Preface in German)

by Cilly Kugelmann and Hubertus Gaßner

Download (PDF / 0.10 MB / in German)

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