JMB Journal 1:
Beyond Borders

The first edition of the JMB Journal – commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – looks “Beyond Borders.” It sheds light on boundaries of all kinds, be they political, metaphysical, or protective. The JMB Journal also reports the latest news from the Jewish Museum Berlin, with information on the permanent exhibition, special exhibitions, and publications, as well as on events, programs for kids and teens, and activities of the Museum's friends and sponsors.

Featuring articles by Edward Serotta, W. Michael Blumenthal, Ruth Westheimer, Maja Lenhardt, Detlev Claussen, Cilly Kugelmann, Joseph Roth, and Michael Wunder along with information about the exhibitions Kosher & Co and It Must Schwing, the newly acquired installation Mirror of the Night by Rebecca Horn, the Award for Understanding and Tolerance, a retrospective of conferences at the Jewish Museum Berlin in 2009, the Im buntesten Chaos concert series about Jewishness in music, a look back at the kids’ vacation program “Ballachini und die Blaue Melanie” (Ballachini and Blue Melanie), the Jewish Museum Berlin's new website, and a profile of Eric F. Ross, the namesake of our Eric F. Ross Gallery on the ground floor of the Libeskind Building.

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