JMB Journal 10:

How we dress, how we eat, how we present ourselves: our bodies communicate who we are. We use symbols on our bodies, whether guided by religion or fashion, to set ourselves apart or to signify commonality. Our bodies, which reflect our visions of ourselves as well as other’s assumptions, are thus mirrors of society. The tenth issue of JMB Journal takes a closer look at the body, which has particular significance in Judaism and is the subject of numerous passages in the Talmud.

Increasing scientific knowledge of the human body may influence our faith and the way we see ourselves and, perhaps, may lead us to choose to modify our bodies. Body modifications that are skin-deep, such as tattoos, have been subject to trends and traditions for millennia. The same applies to fashion, which today comments explicitly on the world.

Featuring articles by Melvin Konner, David Cave, Karin Harrasser, Naomi Lubrich, Cilly Kugelmann, Jan Feddersen, Ruth Klüger, Christian Buckard, and Mordechay Lewy along with information about the exhibitions The Creation of the World: Illustrated Manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection and The First World War in Jewish Memory, a new acquisition fund for contemporary art, the Shaping Access conference, and the performance of Defiant Requiem at the Konzerthaus Berlin.

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