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Dialogical Lecture Series

Overview of all lecture series as part of our Jewish Islamic Forum

Video recordings

Our Academy’s Jewish-Islamic Forum

All About ...

Cherchez la femme

Wig, Burqa, Wimple

31 Mar to 27 Aug 2017

Screenshot: city map with markers and a menu bar

Online Platform Jewish Places

On the Topography of Jewish Life in Germany

Since 2018

JMB Journal 10: Body


Black-and-white photograph of a man holding a scalpel to the upper arm of another man who is smiling for the camera

From Cowpox to Covid-19

Nearly 200 years of vaccine certificates document Jewish stances on vaccination

Online Feature

From the Theory to the Practice of Writing the Torah

An Interview with Rabbi Reuven Yaacobov


A synagogue curtain at the Brandenburg Cathedral Chapter

Book presentation by Vera Bendt

Audio recording
23 November 2006

Portrait photos of the two lecturers Prof. Marschkies and Prof. Krochmalnik

Is anyone still waiting for the Messiah? – Jewish and Christian Views

With Prof. Christoph Markschies (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Prof. Daniel Krochmalnik (University of Potsdam)

24 Aug 2021, 7 pm

Self Displaced Person. Peter Szondi's Problematic Judaism

Andreas Isenschmid on Judaism in the life and work of Peter Szondi

Audio recording
3 December 2007

The Creation of the World

Illustrated Manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection

4 Apr to 3 Aug 2014

The Fragile Foundation: The Quest for German-Jewish “Normalcy”

Audio recording of the talk by Salomon Korn (in German)

Audio recording
30 Sep 2003

The Whole Truth ...Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Jews

22 Mar to 1 Sep 2013

Modernized, then Tolerated?

Do religions need reformation or do they have a history that we do not really understand? (in German)

Audio recording
10 Oct 2013


An Installation in 15 Rooms by Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway

22 May to 15 Nov 2015

Between Marrakesh and Mashhad

Jews in Islamic Countries

Film and Reading Series

Snip it!Stances on Ritual Circumcision

24 Oct 2014 to 1 Mar 2015

Siegfried Leopold’s Get for His Wife Resi

Ritual bill of divorce under Jewish law

From our Holdings

JMB Journal 6: Generations


Why do some Jews rock back and forth while they pray?

Question of the Month

JMB Journal 9: Times


What role do gender themes play?

What’s the story with women rabbis? (And prayer at the Western Wall?)

Question of the Month

A Time for Everything

Rituals against Forgetting – Exhibition catalog


Torah scroll: it is slightly rolled up so that two columns of Hebrew text are visible

Religion and Ritual

Guided tour for groups through our core exhibition

Guided Tour
by appointment

Highlights from the Braginsky Collection

Catalog for the exhibition The Creation of the World


Torah scroll: it is slightly rolled up so that two columns of Hebrew text are visible

Religion and Ritual (60 minutes)

Insights into the diversity within Judaism

Guided Tour
Every Thursday, 5.30 pm (starting 9 Sep 2021)

Silver washbasin with flowers and ornaments, in the middle a Hebrew inscription

Hand Washbasin

Unusual objects tell stories of Jewish life

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

JMB Journal 8: The Whole Truth...

Special Issue for the Exhibition


 Tefillin (prayer belt)

Religion and Ritual. Are There Jewish Things?

For groups

by appointment

Four questions – what does it mean to be Jewish?

This workshop is suitable for grades 5 to 13 as well as for adults (in German).

Digital Workshop
by appointment

Kosher – Don't You Have That in Islam, Too?

An exchange program between two Berlin schools

Project Documentation

A peek at the exhibition in the Diaspora Garden


Exhibition on religious clothing in the Diaspora Garden

1 Jun to 1 Sep 2017

Lecture Series 2019/20: The Others’ Faith (6)

Lecture Series 2018-19: Science and Faith in Judaism and Islam (6)

Lecture Series: Jewish and Islamic Perspectives on Human Rights (6)

Lecture Series: Ethical Questions in Judaism and Islam (with video recordings) (6)