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Religiöse Gegenstände (Kippa, Kiddusch-Becher, Elias-Becher, Menora, Schofar).

Four questions – what does it mean to be Jewish?

This workshop is suitable for grades 5 to 13 as well as for adults (in German)

Digital Workshop
By appointment

A Torah scroll is unrolled to show two columns of Hebrew text.

Religion and Ritual

Guided tour for groups through our core exhibition

Guided Tour
By appointment

Portrait photos of the two lecturers Prof. Marschkies and Prof. Krochmalnik

Is anyone still waiting for the Messiah? – Jewish and Christian Views

With Prof. Christoph Markschies and Prof. Daniel Krochmalnik, in German

Video Recording
24 Aug 2021

Logo of the lecture series with crescent and Star of David

Dialogical Lecture Series

Jewish and Muslim perspectives on faith and knowledge, ethical issues and human rights, and life in the diaspora

Video Recordings

Silver washbasin with flowers and ornaments, in the middle a Hebrew inscription

Hand Washbasin

Unusual objects tell stories of Jewish life

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

Deutschlandkarte mit Zahlen zu jüdischer Lebenswirklichkeit

A Jew Is Not One Thing

The curator Miriam Goldmann about the exhibition A Is For Jewish


Screenshot: city map with markers and a menu bar

Online Platform Jewish Places

Since 2018, the project has been collecting and bundling local historical data on Jewish history, art and culture in Germany


Photograph of a woman wearing two wigs, one of them in front of her face.

Cherchez la femme

Wig, Burqa, Wimple

31 Mar to 27 Aug 2017

Herzl reloaded – It’s No Fairytale

Staged Reading with the Authors and Heio von Stetten as Theodor Herzl, in German

Audio Recording
7 Jul 2016

Painting, a boy is violently pushed onto a table by a hand and threatened with a knife.


An installation by Saskia Boddeke & Peter Greenaway on the story of Abraham and Isaac in the monotheistic religions

22 May to 15 Nov 2015

A banana with the peel removed at the tip.

Snip it!

Stances on Ritual Circumcision

24 Oct 2014 to 1 Mar 2015

A person stands in a clearing in the cone of light of a UFO flying overhead.

The Whole Truth

...Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Jews

22 Mar to 1 Sep 2013

From Exile in Paradise to Redemption in Hell

Talk by David Solomon about the history of Jews and Judaism in Germany

Video Recording
1 Jul 2013

How Does a Jew Make it into Heaven? One question, many answers

Panel discussion with Cilly Kugelman and four rabbis, in German

Video Recording
30 May 2013

Magazine cover with a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and the title

Conversion and Controversy

Naomi Lubrich on the new interest in this topic and on religious loyalty


Peter Schäfer: The Origins of Jewish Mysticism

Discussion with the Author, Christoph Markschies, and Micha Brumlik, in German

Audio Recording
25 Jun 2012

A smoked fish on black background (detail).

Kosher & Co.: On Food and Religion

Exhibition catalog, with reading sample for download, in German


Letter on white background.

The Creation of the World

Illustrated Manuscripts from the Braginsky Collection

4 Apr to 3 Aug 2014

Tierkreis (Mosaikfusßboden)

A Time for Everything

Rituals Against Forgetting

18 Oct 2013 to 9 Feb 2014

Self Displaced Person. Peter Szondi’s Problematic Judaism

Andreas Isenschmid on Judaism in the life and work of Peter Szondi, in German

Audio Recording
3 Dec 2007

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