JMB Journal 15:
Best of

In the fall of 2001—exactly 15 years ago—the Jewish Museum Berlin opened its doors to the public. Since then it has become a key player in this forever changing city by contributing to the most current cultural and socio-political discussions—and sometimes provoking these through conferences, cultural and educational programs and temporary exhibitions. The broad spectrum of our multifarious activities is reflected in catalogues, newspaper articles and interviews and we have chosen some of these texts for this fifteenth edition of our JMB Journal: a “best of” presenting milestones of our work as well as small treasures from the last 15 years. We very much hope you will enjoy this glimpse into our past!

Featuring articles by Ulrich Raulff, Inka Bertz, W. Michael Blumenthal, Hans Stiassny, Margret Kampmeyer, Michal Friedlander, Signe Rossbach, Shalom Auslander, Cilly Kugelmann, Doron Rabinovici, and Zwi Wasserstein.

The section JMB inside provides you with information about the exhibition GOLEM, the show A Muslim, a Christian and a Jew by Eran Shakine, portraits of this year’s winners of the Prize for Understanding and Tolerance, a preview of our new Children’s Museum and of course with information on other activities at the JMB.

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