JMB Journal 4:
Radical Jewish?

Special Issue for the Radical Jewish Culture Exhibition

In spring 2011, the Jewish Museum Berlin turned its attention to the Radical Jewish Culture music movement in an exhibition that illuminated its emergence, its central figures, and the discussions, frequently political, that it provoked. You can read the core text of the time period in the JMB Journal No. 4, Just what is this Radical New Jewish Culture? This 1992 manifesto by Marc Ribot and John Zorn formulated for the first time questions that would continue to occupy the New York music world for nearly twenty years.

You will also find an overview of the scene’s development by ethnomusicologist Tamar Barzel. A portrait of David Krakauer by Hyacinthe Ravet traces the personal background of one of the mainstays of Jewish music, while in an interview, jazz bassist Greg Cohen talks about his work.

Featuring articles by Tamar Barzel, Hyacinthe Ravet, Greg Cohen, Marc Ribot, John Zorn, Rosalin Krieger, Joshua Neuman, Caspar Battegay, Michal Friedlander, and Avi Pitchon along with information about the events accompanying Radical Jewish Culture, the Unten (Under) installation by Micha Ullman, the Justice and Peace conference at the Jewish Museum Berlin, the redesigned display case about the life of Moshe Wolf, the cultural program put on by the Friends and Patrons of the Jewish Museum Berlin, the Diaspora Garden at the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin, online showcases, and a profile of the exhibition designers KatzKaiser.

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