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Julia Friedrich

Direc­tor of Collec­tions of the Jew­ish Mu­seum Berlin

Julia Fried­rich has been the direc­tor of collec­tions at the Jewish Mu­seum Berlin since March 2022. She is respon­sible for all the collec­tions with their very diffe­rent spe­cialty areas: fine arts, photo­graphy, audio-visual media, the Jewish Object, and the hol­dings in the ar­chive and the libra­ry.
Fried­rich’s compe­tence covers main­tenance and manage­ment, presen­tation, and expan­sion of the collec­tions, as well as digita­lization and digi­tal use of the hol­dings, and prove­nance research.

She had previous­ly spent eigh­teen years at the Museum Lud­wig in Cologne. Star­ting as a trainee there, she then served as head of the Gra­phic Arts Collection from 2006 to 2022. She also managed the Hau­brich Collection. Fried­rich has curated nume­rous exhi­bitions of modern and contem­porary art, inclu­ding ones on Otto Freund­lich (2017 Special Exhi­bition of the Inter­national Assoc­iation of Art Critics, AICA Germany), Jo Baer, and the exile resear­cher and film­maker Günter Peter Stra­schek. In 2021–22, the Mu­seum Ludwig presen­ted her exhibition Picasso Shared and Divided: The Ar­tist and His Image in East and West Ger­many.

Julia Fried­rich studied art history at the Free Univer­sity of Berlin and Jewish Studies at the University of Pots­dam. She received her docto­rate in 2008 at the Univer­sity of Ham­burg for her work on Ger­hard Richter’s Gray Pictures. She has pub­lished nume­rous works dea­ling with ar­tists and the social function of art. One of her re­search fo­cuses was on art poli­cies and collection prac­tices in post­war Germany.

Portrait photo of a smiling woman wearing a bright blue jumper: she looks directly into the camera.

Julia Friedrich in the Glass Courtyard of the Museum, 2022; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Yves Sucksdorff

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