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This page contains links to websites, databases, and additional online resources that can be used to study and explore Jewish history and contemporary Jewish life. The list is arranged alphabetically.

We have compiled a separate collection of links for historical magazines and contemporary academic journals. Please visit the reading room section of this website for thematically related full-text databases for which national licenses have been acquired with the financial support of the German Research Foundation.

Sources and Databases (in English)

Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory

Ask Moses

Auction catalogues – digitized – German Sales 1930–1945

Berlin Directory for the Years 1799 to 1943

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education

Center for Online Judaic Studies

Jewish Businesses in Berlin 1930-1945

The Online Project on the Records of the Berlin Restitution Offices

DigiBaeck: German-Jewish History Online

European Association for Jewish Studies

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Project

The Freimann Collection – The Literature of Science of Judaism

The Memorial Book of the Federal Archives for the Victims of the Persecution of Jews in Germany (1933-1945)

German War Memorial Website

German-Jewish Cultural Heritage

Hareshima: The Jewish Internet Portal

Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment

Jewish Encyclopedia

Jewish Heritage Europe

Jewish Virtual Library

JewLib. Digital Archive-Library. Primary Research Sources for Jewish History and Cultures

Judaica Europeana

Judaica Libraries, Archives, and Research Centers

Jewish Past and Present in Erfurt

Jewish Life in Berlin

Learning from History

Maven: Jewish Web Directory


My Jewish Learning

Rambi: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies

The Responsa Project – Global Jewish Database

Shamash: The Jewish Network

Stolpersteine in Berlin


The Judaica Collection of the Frankfurt University Library

The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

Other Links (in English)

Books and Bagels

Jewish Calender Tools

Jewish Community in Berlin

Sources and Databases (in German)

Alemannia Judaica. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Erforschung der Geschichte der Juden im süddeutschen und angrenzenden Raum

Arbeitsgemeinschaft fränkisch-jüdische Geschichte

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jüdische Sammlungen

Aus der Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinden im deutschen Sprachraum

Bilddatenbank Jüdische Geschichte des Instituts für die Geschichte der deutschen Juden

Epidat – Datenbank zur jüdischen Grabsteinepigraphik

Gedenkbuch für die Karlsruher Juden

Gedenkbuch für die Kasseler Juden
Als pdf auf

Gedenkbuch für die Münchner Juden

Informations-Portal zur politischen Bildung

Materials on the subject of Judaism

Materials on the Holocaust

Judaistik und Jüdische Studien in Deutschland

Juden in Leipzig und Sachsen. Modulare Unterrichtsangebote der Ephraim Carlebach Stiftung

Jüdisches Adressbuch für Gross-Berlin. Issue 1931 (Images in German) Zukunft braucht Erinnerung – Das Judentum in Deutschland – das offene Webportal für Zeitzeugeninterviews

Other Links (in German)

Bundesverband jüdischer Studierender in Deutschland

Geschichte in Bewegung. Kombinierte Bildungsangebote zu NS-Zeit, Erinnerungspolitik, Demokratieverständnis und vielfältiger Gesellschaft

Hamakom – about different aspects of Jewish and Israeli identity and culture and a meaningful Jewish life in Berlin

Jüdische Literaturhandlung

Jugendservice Denk!Mal

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We’ve compiled thematically relevant links for you.

Here are various link directories for researching Jewish topics, organized by institution, online format, or subject matter.

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Here, you'll find digitized reference works, and academic journals, past and present.

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We've compiled links to magazines, newspapers, and blogs on Jewish themes.

Links to Online Projects and Exhibitions

This page lists links to online projects and exhibitions about Jewish history and culture.

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This link directory is a complication of web portals, databases, and other online resources for Jewish history and present-day life.

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Directory of links to Jewish museums, memorials, and Jewish collections in Germany and worldwide.