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on.tour: The Jewish Museum Berlin Toured Schools

Our Traveling Educational Program for Schools All Across Germany 2007–2018

on.tour: The Jewish Museum Berlin Tours Schools was a traveling educational program that visited secondary schools and other institutions across Germany from 2007 to 2018. This way we could reach kids and teens who would otherwise not have had a chance to visit the Jewish Museum Berlin.

In 2020, the Jewish Museum Berlin will open its new core exhibition and a children's museum across the street. Building on the programmatic reorientation associated with these major projects, the outreach program will also be developed further in line with the times starting in 2019 (more on the new outreach programs).

Two on.tour employees carry a red cube with a model of the Libeskind building from the Jewish Museum.

Summer Tour 2007: The mobile exhibition Discover JMB is constructed in the schoolyard. June 2007. Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Sönke Tollkühn

Where does on.tour operate?
  • You can book on.tour for your desired location and dates – please contact us.
  • on.tour is a regular guest at the Plötzensee juvenile offenders’ institution, as well as trade fairs and expos, most recently the Leipzig Book Fair and didacta.
  • By invitation, on.tour also travels to city festivals, Jewish cultural days, church open houses, and other occasions, where we explain Jewish culture, history, and religion.
What does on.tour offer during a visit?
  • A mobile exhibition about Jewish life, culture, and history
    More about the exhibition ...
  • Interactive tours of the mobile exhibition for students aged 10 and older, spanning two class periods (90 minutes)
  • Workshops spanning three class periods (135 minutes), either about growing up Jewish after 1945 (It Was as Simple as That), suitable for ages 14 and older, or about Jewish life in Germany today (My Page(s)), suitable for ages 13 and older
    More about the workshops ...
  • An opportunity for students to explore Jewish history, culture, and religion actively and directly
  • Selected exhibition artifacts relating to teenage lives


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F +49 (0)30 259 93 328

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