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2020 Outreach Programs

For Children and Teens in Berlin and the New Federal States

Group photo of about 20 young people pulling their arms up

Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Arnon Hampe

The Jewish Museum Berlin has set ambitious goals for the coming years. 2020 will see the opening of the new permanent exhibition and, across the street from the museum, the children’s world ANOHA. Building on the program reorientation associated with these major projects, the Jewish Museum Berlin also plans to set new standards for its future educational work.

The outreach program is a special focus and we will continue to develop it in step with the many improvements. We will continue to reach out to young people who cannot come to the museum easily themselves – a goal that the Jewish Museum Berlin has been pursuing since 2007 through the on.tour outreach program.

The mobile exhibition on.tour – the Jewish Museum Berlin Visits Schools has so far reached nearly 75,000 students in 587 secondary schools throughout Germany. The valuable experience gained from ten years of on.tour forms the foundation for the Museum’s new outreach programs. Based on the new exhibitions and supported by digital and interactive methods, we are rethinking our educational work.

Group photo with on.tour bus in front of the W. M. Blumenthal Academy

10 years on.tour: The Jewish Museum Berlin Tours Schools; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Yves Sucksdorff

Programs for Young People Ages 13 and Older

In 2019 and 2020, the new outreach program is launched with workshops relating to the new website Jewish Places. The first interactive map of Jewish life in Germany consists of over 7000 data on Jewish local history and carries on growing with the support of its users. Jewish Places brings Jewish history and present in our surroundings to life through secular and religious places and Jewish biographies.

Map of Jewish Places in Germany and the surrounding area; Jewish Museum Berlin. To see the interactive website for yourself, visit (in German).

The Jewish Places team; Jewish Museum Berlin

From early summer 2020 to mid 2021, we will be working with school students from secondary schools from 8th grade as part of five tours:
As part of a five-day workshop, the approximately 20 young participants explore

historical places of Jewish life in their environment with educational support from three experienced museum team members. Equipped with mobile devices, they take photos and videos, conduct independent research in archives and libraries, and talk to members of the local Jewish community.

They summarize the information and insights they gather in brief texts and upload these as user-generated content to the Jewish Places website, thus making them accessible to a broad public. At the end of the week, they present the places and stories they have discovered to their fellow students, teachers, and interested guests from the area and community.

We are currently putting the tour together and preparing workshops for five schools in Berlin and the new federal states. Our luggage brimming with tools and ideas, we will be on the road from early summer 2020 in our newly designed tour bus.
If you are interested in a tour, please contact us at or +49 (0)30 25993-547.

The interactive map of Jewish Places on your smartphone; Jewish Museum Berlin

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