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Worm's-eye view of the chest and face of a woman dressed in white with platinum blonde, short hair on a donkey, whose neck, cut at the left edge of the picture, is just visible. Background: Berlin Brandenburg Gate and steel blue sky

Yael Bartana
Redemption Now

Press Release

Press Release, Thu 25 Feb 2021

From 4 June 2021, the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB) will present Yael Bartana – Redemption Now. This large-scale solo exhibition of the contemporary video artist Yael Bartana investigates the power of imagination and art’s redemptive potential. For more than twenty years, Bartana has been inquiring into grand historical narratives that help to constitute national and other collective identities.

The show brings together more than fifty early and more recent works, including video installations, photographs, and neon works. The exhibition follows an eschatological topos – the recurring idea that a leader may bring salvation – and its deconstruction. At the core of the show is the commissioned video work Malka Germania (Hebrew for “Queen Germania”), which Bartana conceived for the Jewish Museum Berlin and produced at historically charged locations across Berlin.


Julia Jürgens
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Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation
Lindenstraße 9–14
10969 Berlin

An androgynous savior figure comes to the German capital. Her journey floods the city with scenes from an imagined collective unconscious; past and future merge in an alternative present. The installation’s theme of collective redemption addresses traumata, hopes of salvation, and the desire for change.

Yael Bartana’s works have been exhibited worldwide and form part of international collections. She is known for exploring the visual languages of identity and memory politics, nations, and social movements. Yael Bartana observes, documents, dissects, and reinvents public rituals, ceremonies, and social practices that are intended to build collective identities. Her art provokes an activist viewing – asking visitors to engage in the political act of reflecting on their responsibility in society.

Bartana’s best-known work, And Europe Will Be Stunned, is included in the show. This video trilogy, created between 2006 and 2011, imagines a movement of three million Jews returning to Poland. It represented Poland in the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011, and in 2019 the UK paper The Guardian ranked it ninth among the twenty-first century’s most important artworks.

Yael Bartana was born in Israel in 1970 and currently lives in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Curators: Dr. Shelley Harten and Dr. Gregor H. Lersch.

The video installation Malka Germania is a specially commissioned work and was made possible by the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Mondriaan Fund.

The exhibition is supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

A book on the key exhibit will appear to mark the exhibition: The Book of Malka Germania, which features over 60 images (some full-page) and contributions by Michael Brenner, Griselda Pollock, Cas Mudde, Christina von Braun, and others.

A graphic against a pink background shows a statue of a woman lifting an eagle for flight. In the background, the title of the exhibition in large letters: Redemption Now

Exhibition poster for Yael Bartana – Redemption Now; Jewish Museum Berlin, design: Gila Kaplan, Avi Bohbot, illustration: Yossi Assouline, editing: buerominimal

Exhibition dates 4 Jun–10 Oct 2021
Location Jewish Museum Berlin, Old Building, level I
Opening hours 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily
Entry 8 €, reduced € 3, free admission for children and young people (under 18)
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