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Room view with round seat bunk and person under a hanging sound tube

Judaism Aloud

An Au­dible and Palpa­ble Tour for Visitors with Blind­ness or Limited Vision

What does Juda­ism sound like? The ex­peri­ence begins with Jew­ish pop mu­sic and the sounds of sing­ing at a syna­gogue. The group will then dis­cuss what makes music Jew­ish. The tour of the core exhi­bition con­siders reli­gion and ritu­als through a varie­ty of sen­sory sti­mu­li.

Visi­tors will touch or smell ob­jects and listen in at au­dio sta­tions, which give a tan­gi­ble ex­pe­rience of the poly­pho­ny of Jew­ish cul­ture and reli­gion: How are He­brew letters shaped? What is the struc­ture of a syna­gogue? What does Shabbat smell like? The parti­ci­pants will be intro­duced to a varie­ty of tradi­tions and reli­gious inter­pre­ta­tions within Judai­sm and fami­liarize them­selves with the die­tary laws.

Wed 14 Feb, 20 Mar 2024, 2 pm

Map with all buildings that belong to the Jewish Museum Berlin. The Old Building is marked in green


Old Building, ground level, “Meeting Point” in the foyer
Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

The hand-on, indi­vi­dualized exhi­bi­tion expe­rience allows for con­versa­tions among mem­bers of the group.

Where, when, what?

  • When Wed 14 Feb, 20 Mar 2024, 2 pm
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Where Old Building, ground level, “Meeting Point” in the foyer

    Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

    See location on map
  • Entry fee

    Guided tour 6 €, reduced rate 3 €
    Reserve Online Ticket

  • Number of participantsThis tour is for a total of six visitors with blindness or limited vision along with one sighted companion each. Please only reserve the tickets for the visitor with blindness or limited vision. Companions will receive their free ticket at the ticket desk.

    LanguageThe event will be conducted in German.

    Please noteTours in German, English, or Italian are available for group reservations.

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