Betrifft: Israel
Dateline: Israel

Exhibition Catalog

The three essays in this catalog examine the role of art and artists in present-day Israel.

Susan Tumarkin Goodman investigates the aesthetic and political background of photography and video art “made in Israel.” Andy Grundberg discusses the roots of Israeli photographic art, placing it in an international context. Nissan N. Perez provides insights into the cultural themes influencing artistic production in the country.


  • Dateline: Israel / Betrifft: Israel. New Photography and Video Art
    120 pages with 23 b/w
    and 83 color illustrations,
    Yale University Press
    New Haven and New York 2007

    ISBN: 9780300111569
    The English original addition is supplemented
    by German translations of the three essays.

  • Editor

    Susan Tumarkin Goodman

  • Contributing Writers

    Susan Tumarkin Goodman, Andy Grundberg,
    Nissan N. Perez

  • Design


  • Price

    29.90 euros

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