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Fine Arts

Selected Objects: Fine Arts Collection (12)

Close-up of faces cut into metal discs.

Shalekhet by Menashe Kadishman

Art Installation

Art Collections

Paintings, printed graphics, sculptures, and more art from our collections (in German)

Online Collections

Abstract painting.

Fine Arts Collection

Focal points, media, subjects, and what the artwork says about Jewish history

All About ...

Painted portrait of a young woman on gray background.

Paris Magnétique. 1905–1940

Jewish artists of the School of Paris

25 Jan to 1 May 2023

Drawing: A group of people, dressed in colorful clothes, crosses the image from right to left with long, sweeping strides.

On the Way to a Poetic-Political Utopia

Else Lasker-Schüler, Durch die Wüste Sinai (Through the Desert of Sinai), about 1935

From our Holdings

Old picture of two women in profile leaning against each other.

The Artist and the Scientist

On the Berlin based sisters Gertrud and Margarete Zuelzer. A project as part of a Year of Voluntary Service in Culture (FSJ Kultur)

Online Feature

The drawing in comic style shows an androgynous figure in profile on magenta background. She wears a bright frock, her left hand is raised. An eagle has just flown out of her hand

Yael Bartana – Redemption Now

An expansive presentation of works by the contemporary artist

4 Jun to 21 Nov 2021

Painting in brown tones showing a naked man leaning against a collapsing building

Making the invisible visible

Samson II by Ernest Neuschul, 1923–1955, purchase in 2017

20 Years, 21 Objects

Sculpture of a library made of lead with inserted glass fragments

Shevirat ha-Kelim (Breaking of the Vessels)

Anselm Kiefer, 1990–2019, lead, iron, glass, copper wire, charcoal, Aquatec

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

Oil painting with a family scene

Manheimer Family Portrait

by Julius Moser (1805–1879), Berlin, 1850, oil on canvas

Objects from Our Core Exhibition

A man and a woman stand in a room flooded with green light.

James Turrell: Ganzfeld Aural

Installation in the Museum Garden

12 Apr 2018 to 6 Oct 2019


Our Library’s DFG Project

Enlarging and indexing our holdings in Jewish art


A hand opens one of the compartments of the

Art Vending Machine

Contemporary art by international, Berlin-based Jewish artists

Art Installation

The Artists of our Art Vending Machine

Read profiles of and interviews with the artists on our blog



In our online collections you can find paintings by Max Liebermann and Lesser Ury and other artists (in German)

Online Collections

Graphic Reproduction »Es kam das Feuer« (The fire came) by El Lissitzky

The William L. Gross Collection

Judaica, documents, and literature on Jewish art and culture at our library


Paper dress with integrated human hair.

The Dress of the Unfaithful Wife

Talk with Andi LaVine Arnovitz, Amy K. Milligan, and Emily D. Bilski on the role of women in religious Judaism

Audio Recording
9 May 2017

Collage of paper scraps and the portrait of a woman.

No Compromises! The Art of Boris Lurie

A retrospective

26 Feb to 31 Jul 2016

Varieté. Inmitten eines Hofes eine provisorisch beleuchtete Bühne und Artist*innen. Rundum herbeikommende Zuschauer*innen

Bedřich Fritta

Drawings from the Theresienstadt Ghetto

17 May to 29 Sep 2013 and
28 Feb to 4 May 2014

Painting of a gray haired man hunched over while grabbing his chest, he is holding a red book in his left hand and is surrounded by cardboard boxes.

R. B. Kitaj 1932–2007. Obsessions

Retrospective with paintings, prints, and drawings

21 Sep 2012 to 27 Jan 2013

A young woman sits in a room filled with dolls.

How German is it?

30 Artists’ Notion of Home

16 Sep 2011 to 29 Jan 2012

 A small wooden building next to the beach, the building is flying the flag of Israel and is surrounded by stacks of beach chairs.

Dateline Israel

New Photography and Video Art

Exhibition Website

Painting showing several girls in red tops in front of blue water.

Charlotte Salomon

Life? or Theatre?

Exhibition Website

Wall with labeled colored squares


A text installation by Jan Smejkal

28 Nov 2003 bis 5 May 2004

Posters on a wall display words in large letters and bullet holes

Script Pictures

Works by Daniel Ben-Hur, Max Wechsler, Oliver Siebeck and Ruth Liberman

28 Nov 2003 bis 29 Feb 2004

Houses made from red and white and blue checkered plastic travel bags, sitting on cardboard boxes

matchmaker matchmaker

Constructions in the Global Shtetl / Longing for a Better Past

26 Jun to 27 Sep 2003

The poster shows a group of colorful figures following a flag bearer. Below (in handwriting): I say in the Hanswurstenwelt a flag pleases well.

John Elsas: “My Pictures Become Wilder and Wilder”

Drawings, Collages, Aphorisms

23 May to 17 Aug 2003

A young man stands in front of a still life depicting sliced pomegranates

Pavel Feinstein


15 Nov 2002 to 12 Jan 2003

The large-scale artwork shows a highly magnified photo of a hat and a hand about to lift the hat. On the photo is mounted a red three-dimensional virus-like object

Robert Longo

Works from the Freud Drawings

30 May to 18 Aug 2002

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Pavel Fein­stein, Artist

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Bedřich Fritta/Friedrich Taussig, Artist

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Menashe Kadishman, Artist

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Max Liebermann, Artist

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Boris Lurie, Artist

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Charlotte Salomon, Artist

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Eran Shakine, Artist

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Jakob Steinhardt, Artist

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Hermann Struck, Artist

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Micha Ullman, Artist

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Lesser Ury, Artist

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Applied Arts

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Video Installation and Media Art

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Sculpture (Art)

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