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We highly recommend the following links about Jewish life, religion, and traditions past and present. The links cover a wide range of topics and media: from online games for children and online magazines about Israelis living in Berlin to high resolution images of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


The Secret Annex Online:

Discover Anne Frank’s Hiding Place

Wander through the reconstructed rooms and listen to how Anne described life in the secret annex in her diary:

Forced Homes – Antisemitic Housing Policy in Berlin 1939–1945

From 1939 on, almost half the Jewish population of Berlin was forcibly rehoused. Most of these forced homes were the occupants’ last place of residence before they were deported and murdered. This website looks at the history of these forced homes:

Jeckes – Israelis born in Germany look back

Jews who immigrated between 1933 and 1945 remember their life in Germany and starting anew in Israel: (in German)

“You’re different?”:An Online Exhibition About Young People During the Nazi Period

“You’re different” – this was the label that the National Socialists applied to more than a million people. The dire consequences are described on this website (in German):

The Chotzens: The Story of a Jewish Family from 1914 to the Present

The Chotzen family in Berlin lived a life like many others. But all that changed in 1933. This online exhibition describes what happened to the family during the years of the Holocaust:

"It Came From Within": Exhibition Marking The Events of Kristallnacht

During the night of November 9, 1938, more than 1,400 synagogues were burnt to the ground. Thousands of Jewish shops and businesses were looted and destroyed:

Berlin – Minsk: Unforgettable Life Stories

Around 1,200 men, women and children were deported from Berlin to the Minsk ghetto. Fewer than ten survived Nazi persecution: (in German)

Memory Loops: Sites of NS Terror in Munich

This art project consists of 300 audio tracks that can be accessed at different locations in the city. It was conceived as a virtual memorial to the victims of National Socialism in Munich:!/start/

Centropa: Preserving Jewish Memory – Bringing History to Life

Selected personal histories and interviews of survivors from Austria, Hungary and Eastern Europe:

Heartstrings: Music of the Holocaust

This website features historical recordings of the Yiddish songs sung by Jewish partisans and the inhabitants of the Łódź, Vilna and Kovno ghettos:

Geschichtomat: Discovering Jewish Life in Hamburg

What traces can be found of Jewish history in Hamburg? How do young people respond to these signs of the past in their own neighborhoods? These are the questions that this student project seeks to answer: (in German)

Memorial Book: Victims of the Persecution of Jews under the National Socialist Dictatorship in Germany from 1933 to 1945

The names of Jews who were persecuted and murdered during the Nazi era in Germany can be researched on this website:

Key Documents of German-Jewish History: A Digital Source Edition

This website uses a selection of exemplary sources – “key documents” – to thematically highlight central aspects of Hamburg’s Jewish history from the Early Modern era to the present day.

Religion and Tradition

In search of traces – Jewish cemeteries in Germany

This website provides information on death and burial in Judaism, explains mourning rituals and symbolism on grave stones: (in German)

Synagogues 360: Visual and Historical Record of Synagogues Worldwide

Fascinating 360-degree panoramas of the world’s synagogues – from Prague and Havana to Delhi and Melbourne:

Children’s Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

The children’s page of the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, with games, videos, music, and – Max the Matzo:

A Journey through Jewish Worlds: Highlights from the Braginsky Collection of Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books

Outstanding examples of Jewish calligraphy: Hebrew illuminated manuscripts and rare printed works from the René Braginsky Collection:

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

Explore the famous scrolls from the Qumran caves near the Dead Sea in the best digital quality: Judaism in Germany

This site provides explanations of Jewish holidays, festivals and daily life and also describes the most important religious rituals (in German):

Talmud Torah Schools in Germany

This project documents the new religious beginnings of Jewish survivors in the displaced persons camps. Numerous synagogues and religious schools were built between 1945 and 1950: (in German)

Here and Today

"Most of all, I am a human being": Biographies Spanning Germany and Turkey

What does it mean to emigrate? Six people discuss their lives spanning Germany and Turkey: (in German and Turkish)

From the Jewish World

Every Friday this radio program reports from the Jewish world on theater, culture, music, society and politics: (in German)

Bet Debora – Jewish Women's Perspectives

This international feminist network for Jewish women provides a forum for scholarly, political, cultural and artistic debates:

haGalil: Jewish Life Online

This online news magazine reports on politics, religion and culture and provides information about Jewish life in Germany and across the world:

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