Drawing of white dove with olive branch in beak in front of blue background.

Why Noah Chose the Dove. Text © 1974 by Isaac Bashevis Singer. Illustrations © 1974 by Eric Carle. Used by permission of Farrar Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers. All Rights Reserved.

Story Time in Our Library

Why Noah Chose the Dove by Isaac Bashevis Singer with Pictures by Eric Carle

When God decided to send the Great Flood, Noah and his family were to be saved. Noah built an ark, and all the animals gathered around the ship. Having heard that Noah would only rescue the best of them, they began competing with each other. Only the dove remained quiet.

The high school student Malka reads Isaac Bashevis Singer’s story, which is illustrated with pictures by Eric Carle.

You can find the German translation of the story and many more stories, read by Ulrike Sonnemann, on our German website.

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