A corridor with bare concrete walls that gets lost in the dark. The floor is littered with thick metal discs into which faces with torn open mouths have been sawn.

Places of Remembrance

Teaching Materials for Integration and Orientation Courses (in German)

The teaching materials for excursions to places of remembrance – the monument to the destroyed synagog in Lindenstrasse and the Jewish Museum Berlin – is aimed at orientation courses. It consists of a guideline for instructors, which provides detailed information on the excursion preparation and procedure, and a student workbook.

Please book your group visit to the Jewish Museum Berlin. We are happy to provide you with workbooks for the entire group.

The teaching material was developed by the Berlin State Office for Political Education in cooperation with the Berlin Adult Education Centers (VHS) in Mitte and Neukölln, and the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Drawing of the Synagogue at Lindenstraße

A newspaper from 1895 shows the synagogue on Lindenstraße, which today is remembered only by a memorial. The Jewish Museum Berlin is not far away. Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Jens Ziehe

Guideline for Instructors (in German)

Download (PDF / 2.55 MB / in German / not accessible)

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