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Weekend Excursion to the Jewish Frankfurt am Main

Event for the FRIENDS OF THE JMB

Exhibition space with showcases containing objects on a blue background.

A look into the permanent exhibition at the Jewish Museum Frankfurt; photo: Norbert Migluetz; CC-BY 4.0

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We will spend two days together immersed in the Jewish Frankfurt am Main: In addition to visiting Frankfurt's Jewish museum's new permanent exhibition, opened in 2020, we'll learn about Jewish everyday life in the early modern period at the “Museum Judengasse”. In addition, there will be a tour of the old town, where we will explore a variety of places relevant to the more than 800-year Jewish history of the city, as well as to present-day Jewish life.

Past event


Frankfurt am Main

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  • Price 196 € (plus travel costs)

    Capacity max. 20 people

    Registration If you are interested, we will be happy to provide more information. Registration is essential, and open until 2 May.

    Contact T +49 (0)30 25 993 436

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