Programs for School Groups

Booking Tours and Workshops

Would you like to visit the Jewish Museum Berlin with a school group as part of a longer class trip? Or are you planning on expanding upon knowledge from school lessons at the museum? We have adapted our offers to meet different requirements, offering guided tours an workshops in varying length: Programs with duration of 60 or 90 minutes, for an intensive examination in 120 minutes.

Information and reservation for groups
We are reachable Mon–Fri, 10 am–4 pm.
T +49 (0)30 259 93 305

Important Notice

In order for the tour to start on time, you should arrive 15 minutes before the program starts. Please make sure to take this extra quarter hour into account in your scheduling.

A maximum of 15 people may participate in one tour. If the group is larger, it will be divided. In such cases, we request that you reserve as many different topics as tour groups.

Welcome Classes

All tours and workshops for school groups are free for welcome classes.

This free offer is made possible through the support of the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Tours and Workshops: Lessons and Project Days (13)

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