Eine Person geht durch einen bunt glitzernden Vorhang, auf der Wand das Gebot am siebten Tage zu ruhen (auf Hebräisch, Deutsch und Englisch)

Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present

Core Exhibition

Rich, diverse and interactive – the core exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin presents Jewish history and culture in Germany, covering an area of over 3,500 square meters.

since Aug 2020

Map with all buildings that belong to the Jewish Museum Berlin. The Libeskind building is marked in green


Libeskind Building
Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin

Historical Tour – Exciting Perspectives

A video installation in the Libeskind Building – Drummerrsss created specifically for the exhibition by Israeli artist Gilad Ratman – is the prelude to walking through the axes and ascending the impressive staircase to the exhibition rooms, where a sculpturally designed welcome point invites visitors to engage.

The subsequent tour of the exhibition combines historical narrative from the Middle Ages to the present with thematically bundled insights into Jewish culture and religion: What is sacred in Judaism? What happens on the Shabbat? What is the sound of Judaism?

Long staircase with projected Hebrew and Latin letters that form city names

Light projection on the stairs to the core exhibition; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Roman März

Alongside the presentation of objects, art installations, hands-on stations, and virtual reality over two levels await visitors, who can also see the wealth of the museum’s own collection – more than 70 percent of the over 1000 objects are from the museum’s own holdings. The conservators have been busy preparing objects for the exhibition to let them shine in a new light.

Space for the Jewish Present

The exhibition is divided into five historical chapters spanning from the beginnings of Jewish life in Ashkenaz, through the emancipation movement, the Enlightenment, and its failure, to the present. The largest space is dedicated to National Socialism and the chapter After 1945, where topics such as restitution and reparation, the relationship to Israel and Russian-speaking immigration from 1990 onwards are the central themes. As a “final chorus,” the video installation Mesubin (The Gathered) brings the polyphony of contemporary Jewish together.

A person runs her fingers over a tactile plan, on the wall in front of her an oil painting of a bride

Touch plan for the portrait of Albertine Heine as bride, August Theodor Kaselowsky, Berlin 1835; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Yves Sucksdorff

Room view Rafael Roth Gallery, on a large canvas you can see a drummer playing on a surface with black sand and grass

View of the Rafael Roth Gallery with the 2020 installation DRUMMERRSSS by Gilad Ratman; Jewish Museum Berlin, supported by the U.S. Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Roman März

An Exhibition – Real Teamwork!

The exhibition was developed by a team of over 20 curators in close cooperation with the chezweitz consortium GmbH/Hella Rolfes Architects BDA.

We would like to thank our friends, sponsors, supporters, donors, and lenders, whose participation made the exhibition possible.

Want to Learn More?

An audio guide in eight languages takes you through the exhibition – easy to use as an app on your own smartphone. Of course we also offer tours with guides for groups of different ages and needs, and visitors with or without previous knowledge. Touch models and plans, display cases designed to allow close viewing by wheelchair users, and clearly designated routes make the museum accessible for people with impairments.

Credits & Legal

The New Core Exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin

With funding provided by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media on the basis of a resolution by the German Bundestag.

With the support of the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin in the U.S.

Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation


Hetty Berg (Director from 1 April 2020) 
Prof. Dr. Dres. h.c. mult. Peter Schäfer (Director until June 2019) 
Martin Michaelis (Managing Director) 
Durmus Bülent (Organizational Director)

Head Curator

Cilly Kugelmann

Project Director

Dr. Michael Dorrmann

Project Manager

Henriette Kolb

Team of Curators

Inka Bertz, Julia Carls, Dr. Yaniv Feller, Monika Flores, Michal S. Friedlander, Miriam Goldmann, Dr. Christoph Kreutzmüller, Maren Krüger, Dr. Tamar Lewinsky, Martina Lüdicke, Dr. Haim Mahlev, Leonore Maier, Theresa Polley (exhibition assistant), Aubrey Pomerance, Dr. Lucia Raspe, Lisa-Maria Renner (exhibition assistant), Iris Saeger, David Studniberg, Theresia Ziehe

Council of Experts for the New Core Exhibition (2016 to 2019)

Prof. Dr. Anja Dauschek, Prof. Yaacob Dweck, Prof. Dr. Johannes Heil, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Christoph Sattler, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum

Advisory Council of the Jewish Museum Berlin (2019 to 2020)

Prof. Dr. Michael Brenner, Prof. Dr. Anja Dauschek, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dan Diner (Chairman), Prof. Dr. Barbara Hahn, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Christoph Markschies, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Angelika Neuwirth, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum

Research Trainees

Sabrina Akermann, Dr. Shelley Harten

Project Assistants

Sarah Binz, Anna Golus

Project Manager for Exhibition Operations

Daniel Ihde

Student Assistant

Nadine Grieser

Editing and Coordination

Dr. Michael Dorrmann, Henriette Kolb, Maren Krüger, Dr. Tamar Lewinsky, Martina Lüdicke, Marie Naumann, Katharina Wulffius; Kristina Friske (buerominimal. Büro für Text und Gestaltung)

Collection Management

Dr. Iris Blochel-Dittrich, Anna Gogonjan, Barbara Heinrich, Petra Hertwig, Gisela Märtz, Katrin Strube

Conservation Supervision

Frederike Beseler, Petra Breidenstein, Barbara Decker, Ava Hermann, Franziska Lipp, Stephan Lohrengel, René Otto, Gesine Siedler, Emilia Sleczek, Rüdiger Tertel, Regina Wellen, Ines Zimmermann

Photographic Documentation

Lukas Behrendt, Leyla Dibowski, Sonja Eichstädt, Stefanie Haupt, Svenja Kutscher, Birgit Maurer-Porat, Svenja Springob, Valeska Wolfgram

Digital & Publishing

Lisa Albrecht, Debora Antmann, Immanuel Ayx, Dr. Mirjam Bitter, Dagmar Ganßloser, Michael Geiger, Constantin Köhler, Marie Naumann, Heiko Niebur, Anika Nowak-Wetterau, Florian Schmeling, Madeleine Schneider, Dr. Doreen Tesche, Barbara Thiele, Katharina Wulffius


Franziska Bogdanov, Ulrike Neuwirth, Susanne Schuur, Dominic Strieder, Jörg Waßmer


Dr. Diana Dressel, Sarah Hiron, Tanja Petersen, Fabian Schnedler, Andy Simanowitz, Nina Wilkens, Marc Wrasse

Visitor Experience & Research

Christiane Birkert, Susann Holz, Alexa Stahr, Dr. Johannes Rinke

Rights Management

Martha Altenstein, Sascha Brejora, Henrike Büscher, Hartmut Goetze, Philipp Hartog, Martina Krause, Henriette Mögel, Dr. Gerhard Stahr

Building Management

Felix Blank, Guido Böttcher, Mirko Dalsch, Manuela Konzack, Jochen Mindak


Michael A. Concepcion, Kathleen Koehler, Ulf Neubert, Sebastian Nadler

Management Office

Milena Fernando, Mathias Groß, Janine Lehmann, Vera von Lehsten


Odette Bütow, Rainer Christoffers, Andreas Harm, Mirela Lüders, Stefan Rosin, Grit Schleheider, Katja Schwarzer


Kathrin Gottschalk, Manuela Gümüssoy, Katrin Krüger, Matthias Mund, Birgit Riedeberger, Miriam Simonsohn, Katja Vathke, Nasanin Zekrgoo

Marketing & Communication

Kerstin Crowley, Ha Van Dinh, Julia Jürgens, Johanna Mirea, Katrin Möller, Sascha Perkins, Gesine Tyradellis, Lena Wanner, Lisa Weber, Judith Westphal, Petra Wiege, Sylvia Winkler


Johanna Brandt, Anja Butzek, Luna Fischer, Kristin Mayerhofer, Julia Mitrach, Annelie Müller, Amelie Neumayr, Nana Prinzen, Heike Rohde-Siebel


Jonah Cowen, Corinna Sohst, Aaron Wei Zhang

Voluntary Social Year

Paul Herbusch


Scenography, Exhibition Design, Exhibition Architecture

ARGE chezweitz GmbH I Hella Rolfes Architects BDA: Dr. Sonja Beeck, Detlef Weitz, Hella Rolfes 
Team chezweitz: Detlef Weitz (overall scenography), Morten Ohlsen (project management), Sonja Beeck, Johannes Bögle, Danielle Gringmuth, Hans Hagemeister, Elena Lee, Jana Mateijka, Wenke Merkel, Lena Schmidt, Jan Stauf, Jaroslav Toussaint, Katerina Vraga, Leila Weber, Tanja Wehking, Lars Weitemeier, Janina Zimmermann 
with Marcus Bahra, Jan Kalfus, and Barbara Weinberger 
Team Hella Rolfes Architects BDA: Hella Rolfes (overall project management), Joachim Kleine Allekotte (project management), Brigitte Fischer, Gesa Gerstenberger, Andrea Kubinszky, Laura Maasry, Anna Schedler 
Light design team: Urs Schreiner and Sascha Homburg (Envue Homburg Licht GmbH), Fanny Perineau, Martina Tillemann 
Video installation/media design: Stefan Hurtig (Sehen & Zeigen)

Media Planning

Framegrabber Medien GmbH: Gerald Engler, Timo Mugele, Sebastian Rau, Edin Rodjakovic

Further Planners and Experts

3-D models of the exhibition floors: Scan3D Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH; acoustics: Müller BBM GmbH; building climate control: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning Löber, Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Meinhold; lighting control: Johnson Controls Systems & Service GmbH; consulting and proofing of exhibition materials: Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM); electrical design: Planungsbüro M. Fabis (wiring), IFE Grothe GmbH (renovation of electronic sub-distribution); risk assessment: Arbeitsschutz Jeannette Borch e. K.; vibration engineering: Dr.-Ing. Kerstin Kracht; air-conditioning: Klimakonzept Ingenieurgesellschaft bR, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Fitzner; flooring renovation planning: Die Bodenkanzlei GmbH; fire safety planning: HHP West Beratende Ingenieure GmbH; testing engineer for fire safety: Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Menzel; testing engineer for structural stability: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Klähne; expert for paint and varnish work: Walter Felder; expert for glass construction: GSK GmbH; health and safety coordination: IPS Ingenieurbüro Peter Schubert GmbH; structural planning: GSE Ingenieur-Gesellschaft mbH Saar, Enseleit und Partner; glass structural planning: Hildebrandt Ingenieure Gesellschaft für Tragwerkplanung mbH; welcome tree structural planning: Vít Červený

Display cases and exhibition construction

2. Ground floor: Schreinerei Langner; 1st floor: Nüssli (Switzernland) AG; prism display cases: Bayer Glasbau GmbH with Harald Müller Metall Sonderfertigung GmbH and Artis GmbH

Special construction

Welcome point: Rühling Shop + Objekt; Shabbat room: Schreinerei Langer; projection wall for "The Way You Walk" / "Sound" thematic room: Blank GmbH; wall design for "Locations of Expulsion in the Middle Ages" / map of Germany for "Letters of Protection": Atelier Burkhard Witzmann; film room and "Anti-Semitism Debate Room": Nüssli (Switzerland) AG; busts in "Hall of Fame": Objektleuchten Berlin / Hansen GmbH; glass pillars and bar construction 1st floor: flz – Stahl- und Metallbau Lauterbach GmbH; metal construction: Artex Museum Services GmbH / Tomkin GmbH Event & Service GmbH; seating and seat pads: Unique Factory, Bjelosevic Mensud & Music-Zander GbR; cavity flooring with surface layer: BARiT Kunstharz – Belagstechnik GmbH; carpeting: Berliner Ausbau GmbH; lighting: mawa design. Licht- und Wohnideen GmbH; neon lettering: Ilm-neon GmbH

Further Trades Groups / Preparatory Construction Measures

Adjustments to the ventilation system: Apleona HSG Ost GmbH; floor renovation: Steinveredelung Finsterwalde GmbH; restoration of doors in the stairwell: Tischlerei K &V; window film: Rudolph Folientechnik GmbH; floor wiring channels: Yücel Heße Diamant-Kernbohrungen & Sägen; scaffolding: Quadriga Gesellschaft für Gerüstbau mbH, Union Gerüstbau GmbH; painting: Marotzke Malerbetrieb GmbH, Lazar Malermeister GmbH; Leitwerk Messe- und Ausstellungsbau; plaster patching: Vesta Baugeschäft GmbH; lock system: Kiowski Sicherheitstechnik GmbH; drywall installation: Thomas Lutter Bauausführungen GmbH; firedoor renovation: Hodapp GmbH & Co. KG; renovation of smoke exhaust flaps: Schlentzek & Kühn GmbH; renovation of sub-distributors: Judis Elektro & Telekommunikation GmbH; wiring: Ritter Starkstromtechnik Berlin GmbH & Co. KG

Graphics Production

Graphic exhibits: Eicher Werkstätten GmbH &Co. KG; design of exhibition labels: Darius Samek; printing of exhibition labels: PIGMENTPOL Sachsen GmbH; reproductions: Labor Pixel Grain GmbH

Delivery and Installation of Media Technology

AVE Audio Visual Equipment


Fißler & Kollegen GmbH: Robert Bach, Jan Dunkel, Thomas Fißler, Tobias Herrmann, Franziska Hülsenberg, Daniel Klawitter (project management), Alexander Klenz, Frank Maier, Ruth Münzner, Emmanuel Post, Matthias Röhrborn, Georg Sadowicz, Jan Stradtmann


Belaj Fine Art Service; Brandl Fine Art Service; Hasenkamp Internationale Transporte


Kuhn & Bülow Versicherungsmakler GmbH


Roman März, Yves Sucksdorff


English: Adam Blauhut, Allison Brown, Amanda DeMarco, Jake Schneider, Dr. Kate Sturge, Maria Swiderski 
German: Michael Ebmeyer, Ulrike Granitzki

Editing of English Texts

Richard Toovey, Paul Hockenos

Media Stations

Drummerrsss Artist: Gilad Ratman; sound design and music direction Daniel Meir; percussion: Alejandra Levi, Haggai Fershtman; cinematography Asi Oren; production: Eyal Vexler; co-production: Frederik Kunkel; post-production: Quentin Verbruggen 
Implementation at the Jewish Museum Berlin Gregor H. Lersch, Deniz Roth

The Way You Walk

Director and producer: Ruth Olshan; co-director: Niva Ehrlich; dramaturg: Christiane Schniebel; director of photography: Rasmus Sievers; 2nd camera: Antonia Schäfer; film editing: Christiane Schniebel, Jessica Ehlebracht; sound design: Maximilian Rodegra – Loop Postproduktion UG 
In cooperation with the international film school cologne (ifs)


Programming 2av GmbH; sign language videos: yomma GmbH; sound recordings: Jürgen Copenhaguen-Bormuth

Use of VR for Destroyed Synagogues

Virtual reconstruction: Technical University Darmstadt, Digital Design Unit - Marc Grellert, Manfred Koob; revision and VR programming: Architectura Virtualis GmbH, partner of TU Darmstadt, Marc Grellert, Jakob Reising; expert consultation: Salomon Korn, Wolfgang Liebenwein, Hanna Salomon; funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The Outsider as Insider. Jews in the Weimar Republic

A video installation by chezweitz GmbH, museale und urbane Szenografie, Berlin 
Directors: Dominique Müller & Detlef Weitz; project assistant: Lars Weitemeier; graphic design: Janina Zimmermann; installation: Dominique Müller; sound design: Samuel Gfeller

Family Album

schnellebuntebilder. Studio für Animation und Interaktion, Berlin

Topography of Violence

Urban Complexity Lab project team of the FH Potsdam: Viktoria Brüggemann, Fabian Ehmel, Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk; design & development: Fabian Ehmel

Emigrate—But Where To?

Framegrabber Medien GmbH; artistic director: Timo Mugele; creative director: Sebastian Rau; Art director/animation: Philipp Quast; exhibit development: Margarethe Mielentz; programming: Martin Maurer; exhibit construction: Expotec GmbH

Chaim Rumkowski's Speech

Actor: Udo Samel; director, dramaturg: Patricia Schon; cinematography, editing: Stefan Hurtig; sound assistant: Louis Volkmann; make-up: Yael Neander; sound recording: Küß Mich Musik Produktion & Verlag, Eshel Sound Studios, Tel Aviv; narrators: Mendy Cahan, Cathlen Gawlich

Anti-Semitism Debate Room

Programming: 2av GmbH, Martin Schmitt, Manuel Herr, Surya Wöhrle; animated films: Philipp Seefeldt; cinematography and editing: Peter Schnappauf


A video installation by: Yael Reuveny / Clemens Walter; producer: Tina Mersmann; color correction and editing assistant: Vanessa Dahl; title design: Mieke Ulfig & Anne-Katrin Ahrens; sound design: Jana Irmert; cinematography assistant: Na’ama Landau

Other media stations

2av GmbH; Architectura Virtualis GmbH; chezweitz GmbH, museale und urbane Szenografie; buchstabenschubser GbR Jan Gabbert & Ellen Stein; Framegrabber Medien GmbH; Graphscape GmbH / h neun Berlin; Hagit Hollander-Shimoni; jetaido; OUTERMEDIA GmbH; Sammler & Jäger Filmproduktion GmbH

Film Editing and Processing

Peter Wollring


alias film und sprachtransfer GmbH


Digitalmeister GmbH; Yael Attia

Sound Recording and Processing

Tonstudio Schieffer


Robert Besta, Oliver Brod, Mendy Cahan, Yvette Coetzee, Nancy du Plessis, Cathlen Gawlich, Marianne Graffam, Stephen Jacob, Katharina Koschny, Filip Kosior, Rachel Pattison, Marty Sander, Vera Teltz, Stewart Tryster, Jan Uplegger

Accessibility in the Exhibition

Inkl. Design GmbH – Agentur für Gestaltung; yomma GmbH

Hands-On Stations

Franke – Steinert GmbH Ausstellungsgestaltung für Museen; Leitwerk Messe & Ausstellungsbau; Dipl.-Des. Felix Rupprath


buchstabenschubser GbR; Jessica Deutsch; Rutu Modan

Portrait Drawings for Hall of Fame

Andree Volkmann

Reproduction of the Torah Binder

Heiner Büld and Twist (Ines Zimmermann)

Replicas of Hebrew Lead Letters

Typefoundry Rainer Gerstenberg

Gravestone Models

Frank Rüdiger, stonemason and master sculptor

Synagogue Cutaway Models

Digital models: Technical University Darmstadt, Digital Design Unit, and Architectura Virtualis GmbH; conception and creation of print data for stainless steel printing: Architectura Virtualis GmbH; production: Brezina & Schreiber

Design of the Booklet Art and Artists

Ulrike Damm

Brand Development and Corporate Design

Stan Hema

Advertising Campaign


Invitation Design

buerominimal. Büro für Text und Gestaltung

Media Partners

Radioeins, Yorck Kinogruppe, Dussmann das Kulturkaufhaus, tip Berlin, Tagesspiegel

Video Communication Production

PxB Studios

Legal Advising

BÖRGERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB; Müller-Wrede & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Redesign of The Axes

Concept and project management: Maren Krüger; design: eckedesign GmbH; production: Nowka + Forster GmbH; display cases and film application: A-Z Glaserei & Folientechnik GmbH; Schöninger Vitrinenbau GmbH; technical consulting: Leitwerk Messe- und Ausstellungsbau


Director of digital & publishing: Barbara Thiele; JMB App project manager: Lisa Albrecht; concept and project team: Dr. Michael Dorrmann, Monika Flores, Susann Holz, Constantin Köhler, Henriette Kolb, Maren Krüger, Heiko Niebur (JMB) 
Concept, programming, and design: NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH; dramaturgy, copywriting, translation, and production: Antenna Audio GmbH; narrators: Elmar Börger, Stephan Buchheim, Robert Frank, Sandra Hüller, Ilka Teichmüller, Heike Warmuth; musical interpretations: Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari and Roni Brenner; accessibility consulting: Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin, Andreas Döltgen, Silvia Gegenfurtner, Domingos de Oliveira


Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Serrastretta, Italy 
Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Art Collection 
Archäologische Staatssammlung Munich 
The Beckhardt and Couchman families 
The Federal Republic of Germany 
Center for the History of Psychology, The University of Akron 
Jonah Cowen 
The Demant family 
Cathedral Museum, Brandenburg an der Havel 
Domschatzkammer Osnabrück 
The Eger family 
Sibylle Ehrlich 
Konrad and Rahel Feilchenfeldt 
Dr. Wolfgang Georg Fischer, Vienna / London 
Christoph Frank, Lugano 
The Fürstenberg family 
Fundació Carulla – Museu de la Vida Rural 
Fränkisches Museum Feuchtwangen 
Rabbi Joan Friedman, Akron 
The Friedlaender siblings 
Michal and Noam Friedlander 
Friends of the Jewish Museum Berlin, Princeton 
The Mohun Himmelweit family 
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg. Loans from the Federal Republic of Germany 
Dr. Ruth Gross, Bildarchiv Abraham Pisarek 
The Jewish Museum London 
The Jewish Museum, New York 
Manfred Joachim 
Jewish Community Frankfurt am Main 
Jewish Museum Vienna 
Jewish Museum Worms in the Rashi House 
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem – The Feuchtwanger Collection 
Rabbi Naamah Kelman, Jerusalem 
Anselm Kiefer 
The Kirschner family 
Rabbi Elisa Klapheck, Frankfurt am Main 
University of Cologne Department of Art History 
Landesmuseum Burgenland 
Loan from a member of the Jewish Community of Dresden 
Dmytro Melnyk 
Dr. Erika Michael 
The Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life, University of California, Berkeley 
Museum Augusta Raurica, Augst 
Museum Brot und Kunst – Forum Welternährung, Ulm 
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg 
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John and Ellen Rothman, as well as Bill and Renée Rothman and Susan Rothman Seeley 
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Stichting Joods Historisch Museum, Amsterdam 
Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin – Centrum Judaicum 
Rabbi Jackie Tabick, London 
Elena Tanaeva 
Thüringisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege und Archäologie, Weimar 
University Archives and Special Collections, Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology 
The Wiener Holocaust Library Collections, London 
Yeshiva University Museum, New York 
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York 
Zentralarchiv zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland, Heidelberg

As well as other private lenders who do not wish to be named.


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Statement of Thanks

The exhibition team would like to thank all of those who support the work of the Jewish Museum Berlin.

ALEH, Allgemeiner Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin gegr. 1874 e. V., Fritz Backhaus, Daniel Barenboim, Yael Barzilai, “The Bayit” - Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, Kathrin Becker, Anton Bennis, Dr. Margit Berner, Prof. Dr. W. Michael Blumenthal, Dr. Johanna Brade, Prof. Dr. Michael Brenner, Prof. Dr. Claudia Bruns, Marina Chernivsky, Anna Chernyak, Chmol, Prof. Dr. Detlev Claussen, Prof. Mark R. Cohen, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dan Diner, Prof. Dr. Anja Dauschek, the Demant family, Alexandros Dimoulas, Prof. Yaacob Dweck, Yad Eliezer, Andreas Fiedler, Waltraud Forelli, Richard Franklin, Prof. Errico Fresis, Amanda Friedman Shechter, Jana Fritsche, Prof. Dr. Barbara Hahn, Prof. Dr. Svend Hansen, Felicitas Heimann-Jelinek, Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Herzog August Bibliothek, Lotte Higson, Julius Higson, Josh Gershuny, Marc Grellert, Dr. Sibylle Groß, Elaine Heumann Gurian, Prof. Dr. Johannes Heil, Dr. Wolfgang Horn, Rabbin Delphine Horvill€, ifs international film school cologne, interview subjects for the installation "Mesubin," Prof. Dr. Uffa Jensen, Tobias Katz, Dr. Gabriele Kaiser, Prof. Anthony Kauders, Monika Kerkmann, Anselm Kiefer, Dr. Michael Kiefer, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Dr. Thomas Klähne, Dr. Brian Klug, Claudia Koby, Meryem Kocabas, Kolel Chibas Yerushalayim, Barrie Kosky, Kuno Kruse, Andreas Krüger, Dr. Thomas Lackmann, Lev Lalev Charity Fund, Cooper Lake, Dr. Elad Lapidot, LATET, Hanno Loewy, Magen David Adom, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Christoph Markschies, Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, Prof. Daniel Miller, Chasdei Naomi, Prof. Jascha Nemtsov, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Angelika Neuwirth, Dr. Everardus Overgaauw, Meir Panim, Pantry Packers – Colel Chabad, Dr. Sebastian Panwitz, Christian Porzelt, Prof. Dr. Till van Rahden, Mathias Reese, Prof. Elchanan Reiner, Dr. Sebastian Ristow, Udo Samel, Christoph Sattler, Elena Savenkova, Manfred Schmaus, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Franziska Schurr, Dr. Josef Schuster, Claudia Schleyer, Rabbiner Tobias Jona Simon, Rabbi Joshua Spinner, Renata Stein, Michael P. Steinberg, Shlomit Steinberg, Martin Steiner, Prof. Dr. Christoph Stölzl, Martin Sutter, Dr. Amir Theilhaber, Dr. Christiane Twiehaus, United Soup Kitchens in Israel, Dr. Klaus Voigt, Elisabeth Weber, Michael Werner, Jürgen Willinghöfer

Exhibition Information at a Glance

  • When starting 23 August
  • Free of charge You can book tickets for a specific time window online before your visit at our ticket shop, or in person at the ticket counter.
  • Where Libeskind Building
    Lindenstraße 9–14, 10969 Berlin
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Exhibition Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present: Features & Programs

Exhibition Webpage
Current page: Jewish Life in Germany: Past & Present: Core exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin, since Aug 2020
Guided Tours
JMB App: Audio guide, available in English, German, German plain language, German Sign Language, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian, available for download
Guided Tours for Adults as Individual Visitors or in Groups: Fixed dates or by appointment, on site or digitally, in several languages
Guided Tours and Workshops for School Groups: Appointment, on site or digitally, in several languages
The JMB Book: History, architecture and core exhibition of the museum, available in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
Open: JMB Journal #21, with interviews and background information on the exhibition
Digital Content
Thematic Space Torah: Audios and objects on words, writing and language
Musicroom: Playlists with religious and secular music from the core exhibition
Topography of Violence. Antisemitic violence in Germany 1930–1938: Media application from the exhibition’s historical chapter Catastrophe
13 Objects – 13 Stories: Unusual objects from our core exhibition
New Accents: Interview with Cilly Kugelmann, chief curator of the core exhibition
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