Visitors walk by in a blur while reading text on a wall in the permanent exhibition


An Installation by Arnold Dreyblatt in Our Collection

The installation Unsaid was exhibited in our permanent exhibition from November 2008 to December 2017 and belongs now to the Jewish Museum Berlinʼs collection.

The installation features excerpts from letters, diaries, and reports written just before deportation or in the concentration camps and ghettos as well as notices from the Nazi authorities that organized the genocide.

What both text types have in common is that they conceal their true content: The official texts are silent about the murderous nature of their instructions. Likewise, the victim’s letters and postcards, subject to censorship and therefore self-censored, conceal the threat of death they were facing. The texts appear and disappear on a glass wall, as if typed.

Wherever possible, we have used documents from our archive that were composed between 1939 and 1945. They were supplemented with texts from other archives.

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