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Another Country. Jewish in the GDR

Catalog Accompanying the Exhibition

Between anti-fascism, socialist utopia and religious life: What did it mean to be Jewish in the GDR?

After the Shoah, many Jews made the conscious choice to live in East Germany, to be part of building a new, more equitable socialist society, hoping for greater justice and to overcome antisemitic structures.

With personal stories and articles by scholars from different fields of studies this book accompanies the exhibition Another Country. Jewish in the GDR. It provides a close look at how Jewish life was newly constituted in small communities, how the social upheavals affected the self-image of Jews in the GDR, and at what became of their ideals.


  • Another Country. Jewish in the GDR 272 pages including images of nearly all exhibited works and objects Folded pamphlet, 21,5 x 16 cm Ch. Links Verlag within Aufbau Verlage GmbH & Co. KG Berlin 2023 ISBN: 3-96289-208-1 English (also available in German)
  • Editors Tamar Lewinsky, Martina Lüdicke and Theresia Ziehe, Jewish Museum Berlin
  • With contributions by Sandra Anusiewicz-Baer, Inka Bertz, Michael Brenner, Lara Dämmig, Sonia Combe, Cathy S. Gelbin, Olaf Glöckner, Philipp Graf, Steffen Heidrich, Wolfgang Herzberg, Stefan Heym, Barbara Honigmann, Leon Kahane, Mario Keßler, Annette Leo, Tamar Lewinsky, Martina Lüdicke, Jalda Rebling, Miriam Rürup, Lisa Schoß, Hermann Simon, Ofer Waldman, Alexander Walther, Theresia Ziehe
  • Translations Adam Blauhut, Allison Brown, Jake Schneider, Rachel Stanyon, Sabrina Stolfa, Kate Sturge
  • Design Team Mao, Berlin
  • Price 28 €
Book cover, one half of which shows an older family photo in front of the Frankfurter Tor in Berlin, the other half the book title: Another Country. Jewish in the GDR.

Cover of Another Country. Jewish in the GDR (English edition); design: Team Mao

The Stiftung Buchkunst (Bookart Foundation) honored the catalog as the “Most Beautiful German Book 2024” in the non-fiction category. “The cover is half concealed by a flap that splits the title image, which shows a Jewish family in the GDR. Open the flap and you discover the entire image. The visibility of Jewish life in the GDR, one of the main themes of the exhibition, is also addressed in the design,” says the designer Siyu Mao. The book’s design as a whole captures the longings and illusions, the personal memories, and the surrounding historic and political conditions that were also presented in the exhibition.

You can order this publication from a bookstore, or from the museum by contacting

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Designed graphic with overlapping photos and red squares, the top photo shows a woman with a child holding her hand, next to her a teenager, in the background the so-called workers' palaces in Stalinallee.

Exhibition Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: Features & Programs

Exhibition Webpage
Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: 8 Sep 2023 to 14 Jan 2024
Current page: Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: Catalog accompanying the exhibition, English edition, 2023
Ein anderes Land. Jüdisch in der DDR: Catalog accompanying the exhibition, German edition, 2023
Digital Content
Voices from the GDR: Twelve short film interviews with Jewish perspectives on life and the political system, 2023, in German with English subtitles
Come Fly With Me Over the Brandenburg Gate: A documentary by Esther Zimmering, in German
Singled Out and Viewed Suspiciously: Jews in the GDR: Abridged version of Annette Leo’s contribution to the exhibition catalog, 2023
Jewish in the GDR. A Road Trip with Marion and Lena Brasch: A podcast by Deutsch­land­funk Kultur in co­operation with the Jewish Museum Berlin, six episodes, 2023, in German
Jewish Local History of the GDR: Information about the communities in Dresden, Erfurt, Halle, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Chemnitz and Schwerin on Jewish Places
City Walk Berlin-East: Tour with Jewish Places from the New Synagogue to the kosher butcher’s shop, school participation project 2022/23
Soundtrack of the Exhibition: Playlist on Spotify
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