„Komm, wir fliegen übers Brandenburger Tor!“ (“Come fly with me over the Brandenburg Gate!”)

A Documentary by Esther Zimmering

In this latest project, actor and director Esther Zimmering has traced the roots of her Jewish family in the GDR for the Jewish Museum Berlin. The result is a highly personal documentary centering on her aunt, her parents and her brother. Through interviews, photographs and film footage of the family, Esther Zimmering weaves a dense portrait that also illuminates the complex history of Jews in the GDR from various angles.

Central to the film are the often contradictory perceptions of the second and third generations of a family shaped by the idealism of the first. Photos from the family albums show life in exile, remigration and the early days of the GDR, bringing to life the story of the first generation following its conscious decision to return home and build a socialist state.

Komm, wir fliegen übers Brandenburger Tor! (“Come fly with me over the Brandenburg Gate!”), director: Esther Zimmering; Jewish Museum Berlin 2023

Sponsored by the Federal Agency for Civic Education

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Designed graphic with overlapping photos and red squares, the top photo shows a woman with a child holding her hand, next to her a teenager, in the background the so-called workers' palaces in Stalinallee.

Exhibition Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: Features & Programs

Exhibition Webpage
Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: 8 Sep 2023 to 14 Jan 2024
Another Country. Jewish in the GDR: Catalog accompanying the exhibition, English edition, 2023
Ein anderes Land. Jüdisch in der DDR: Catalog accompanying the exhibition, German edition, 2023
Digital Content
Voices from the GDR: Twelve short film interviews with Jewish perspectives on life and the political system, 2023, in German with English subtitles
Current page: Come Fly With Me Over the Brandenburg Gate: A documentary by Esther Zimmering, in German
Singled Out and Viewed Suspiciously: Jews in the GDR: Abridged version of Annette Leo’s contribution to the exhibition catalog, 2023
Jewish in the GDR. A Road Trip with Marion and Lena Brasch: A podcast by Deutsch­land­funk Kultur in co­operation with the Jewish Museum Berlin, six episodes, 2023, in German
Jewish Local History of the GDR: Information about the communities in Dresden, Erfurt, Halle, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Chemnitz and Schwerin on Jewish Places
City Walk Berlin-East: Tour with Jewish Places from the New Synagogue to the kosher butcher’s shop, school participation project 2022/23
Soundtrack of the Exhibition: Playlist on Spotify
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