Paris Magnétique

Publication Accompanying the Exhibition (in German)

In the first half of the twentieth century, the French metropolis was a magnet for artists from around the globe. Often carrying little more than the address of the famous Café du Dôme, they flocked to Paris in the confident hope of pursuing their art within the flourishing cosmopolitan community of the École de Paris – art that went beyond the conventional understanding of the concept.

Among them were many Jews who had fled oppression, especially from the Russian Empire, from pogroms, discrimination, and prejudice against their vocation. Their courage in braving the uncertainty of migration and poverty to build a future in the Paris art scene reverberates to this day: Despite or perhaps because of its diversity, the École de Paris is regarded as a cornerstone of Western modernity.

The catalog to Paris Magnétique. 1905–1940 gathers together the works of the exhibited artists, including famous names such as Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine and Amedeo Modigliani, along with Chana Orloff, Sonia Delaunay and Jacques Lipchitz. In addition to the pictures, the appendix offers a detailed historical overview of the period, as well as photo portraits and biographies of the artists.

Book cover with a painted portrait of a young woman on a gray background and the book title „Paris Magnétique. 1905–1940“.

Paris Magnétique. 1905–1940, publication accompanying the exhibition, Berlin/Cologne 2023


  • Paris Magnétique. 1905–1940
    280 pages with 203 color and black-and-white plates
    JMB & Wienand Verlag
    Berlin/Cologne 2023
    ISBN 978-3-86832-734-2
    in German
  • Edited by Jewish Museum Berlin
    This publication is a translation of the catalog from the original exhibition Chagall, Modigliani, Soutine… Paris pour école, 1905–1940 of mahJ – Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme in Paris (17 June to 31 October 2021) and includes reproductions of all the works from the Paris exhibition.
  • With contributions by With forewords by Hetty Berg (JMB) and Paul Salmona (mahJ), plus an additional index of the works exhibited in Berlin.
  • Translated into German by Caroline Gutberlet
  • Book Design Anaïs Lancrenon
  • Price 28 €

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