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Pictures Galore and Collecting Mania Advertising in Miniature

Exhibition Brochure

This brochure features images from selected brands and ten essays delving into topics raised by the exhibition. The curators discuss the significance of advertising stamps for printing and graphic design as art forms, but also consider the stamps as a phenomenon in business history, particularly in the development of intensive brand and company advertising.
A separate essay considers stamps that advertised Jewish products and institutions.


  • Sammelwut und Bilderflut. Werbegeschichte im Kleinformat
    (Pictures Galore and Collecting Mania. Advertising in Miniature)
    64 pages with approximatly 150 color ilustrations
    Jewish Museum Berlin
    Berlin 2014
    In German only
  • Editor Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Contributing Writers Iris Blochel-Dittrich, Mariette Franz, Leonore Maier, Aubrey Pomerance
  • Design Panzlau Prugger
  • Price 5 €
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