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Jerusalem is a place of desire and longing for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Jerusalem is a sacred place, where the three great monotheistic religions are deeply rooted. Jerusalem is, however, also more disputed and contested than almost any other place in the world, since the visible sanctums of the three religions compete on the same territory for the veneration of their faithful.

This book accompanies the exhibition. In it twenty authors provide insights into the city, writing about historical and topical aspects, scientifically or personally, from Israeli or Arab viewpoints.

Details & Excerpts

  • Welcome to Jerusalem
    264 pages, 155 images,
    Wienand Verlag
    Cologne 2017

    ISBN: 9978-3-86832-409-9

  • Editors

    Margret Kampmeyer and Cilly Kugelmann
    on behalf of the Jewish Museum Berlin

  • Contributing Writers

    Klaus Bieberstein, Stuart Charmé, Oliver Glatz, Simon Goldhill, Aref Hajjaj, Carole Hillenbrand, Margret Kampmeyer, Rashid Khalidi, Menachem Klein, Cilly Kugelmann, Peter Lemburg, Ora Limor, Adolfo Roitman, Barbara Schäfer, Peter Schäfer, Jonathan Schneer, Chana Schütz, Daniel Seidemann, Avi Shlaim, Ilona-Margarita Stettner, Salim Tamari, Yfaat Weiss et al.

  • Translations

    Chana Bloch, p. 228

    Gérard A. Goodrow, pp. 5, 7-11, 13 f., 19-24, 61-4, 67 f., 111 f., 118-23, 127-31, 135-38, 141 f., 172-77, 179 f., 192-96, 200-04, 222-26

    Fady Joudah, p. 229

    Ron Makleff, pp. 172-77

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    Eggers + Diaper

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    29.90 € (English version, special price in the museum shop)

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by Margtret Kampmeyer/Cilly Kugelmann

Download (PDF / 46.02 KB / in English / not accessible)

Muslim Jerusalem, the Crusades, and the Career of Saladin

by Carole Hillenbrand

Download (PDF / 1.07 MB / in English / not accessible)

Temple Mount and Wailing Wall between National and Religious Interests

by Oliver Glatz

Download (PDF / 71.57 KB / in English / not accessible)

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