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Six Anecdotes from the Life of Moses Mendelssohn

Graphic Novel Launched in Conjunction with the Exhibition “We dreamed of nothing but Enlightenment” – Moses Mendelssohn

Meet Moishe!

His wit, the elegant style of his writing, his kindness and diplomacy: the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) had already fascinated his contemporaries.

For Mendelssohn, freedom of conscience within religious communities and equality of religions before the law went hand in hand, as ideas benefitting a modern, pluralistic society.

Anecdotes from Mendelssohn’s life have inspired many artists through ages. Typex focuses on the man himself and the dramatic situations he found himself in.

His “Moishe” draws upon the styles of the eighteenth century, its artistic variety, its appetite for the comic and grotesque, thus creating a new image of the great Enlightenment philosopher.

Cover of the graphic novel Moishe with a drawing of Mendelssohn at a desk, under the table a monkey

Typex: Moishe. Six Anecdotes from the Life of Moses Mendelssohn, Amsterdam 2022

Details & Reading Sample

  • Moishe. Six Anecdotes from the Life of Moses Mendelssohn
    88 pages
    Scratch Books
    Amsterdam 2022

    ISBN: 978-94-93166-59-2

  • Copy & Drawings: Typex

    launched by the Jewish Museum Berlin

  • Book Design

    Fake Booij

  • Prize

    24,- €

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