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Please note that the museum will be closed on the following dates for the High Holy Days: 16, 17 and 25 September.

JMB Journal 16:
Cherchez la femme

The Jewish Museum Berlin’s exhibition Cherchez la femme: Wig, Burqa, Wimple takes a look at female veils and head covering and their historical and religious roots as well as their meaning in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity today. In this edition of our JMB Journal you will find texts providing further information on the exhibition’s topics such as covered and veiled female bodies, wigs, headscarves and modest fashion. Other texts highlight the history of the so-called Judenhut, provide information about traditional headgear of Jewish men, and about worldly clothing regulations.

As usual, JMB Inside fills you in on what is presently happening at the museum: The cooperation with the city’s “OSZ Bekleidung und Mode” school of fashion on the occasion of our exhibition Cherchez la femme; the current development of our new permanent exhibition; an online project about Jewish soldiers killed in the First World War. Last but not least, our new Program Director and Deputy Director, Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, introduces herself.

Featuring articles by Miriam Goldmann, Amy K. Milligan, Sara Lipton, Reyhan Şahin, Eric K. Silverman, Cilly Kugelmann, Naomi Lubrich, Soufeina Hamed, Barbara Staudinger, and Katharina Erbe.

Cover Journal 16; it shows a woman in half-profile, at the back of her head she wears a short haircut, her face is covered with the shoulder-length hair of a wig.

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