JMB Journal 17:

The Jewish Museum Berlin is jumping in at the deep end! On the 11th of December our permanent exhibition will close its doors to the public, to re-open again in a new shape in 2019. Many things need to be redone and rethought: because the way we tell stories changes, because we commemorate differently than 15 years ago, because the technical means have developed radically. But mostly, because we want to remain a modern museum, attractive to every possible visitor.

We want to let you take part in these developments and have dedicated this 17th JMB Journal to the Future. Read about the importance of transparency and participation for museums, how we tap the full potential of digital possibilities with new internet platforms and learn about how we already cooperate with our visitors‒adults, students, and children‒to develop new forms of exhibitions. Get an impression of our work on the new permanent exhibition and find out what makes a great children’s museum, by reading what the experts have to say. Of course we cannot neglect our collections and historical archives. What might the future hold for them?

During the time of renovation and reconstruction in the Libeskind building, we will be showing the exhibition Welcome to Jerusalem; in this Journal, you can read parts from the introduction of the accompanying catalog.

Featuring articles by Léontine Meijer-van Mensch, Inka Bertz, Barbara Thiele, Henriette Kolb, Michael Dorrmann, Margret Kampmeyer, Cilly Kugelmann, Mischa Kuball, Jörg Waßmer, and Aubrey Pomerance.

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