JMB Journal 22:

This edition of the JMB Journal looks at Berlin – the vibrant capital, its residents, and its multifaceted Jewish life, both traditional and modern. Historian and JMB guide Alexander Green takes us on a stroll through the center of the city, visiting Jewish locations across the centuries. Exhibition curator Thomas Lackmann shows that even if Moses Mendelssohn was a pale bookworm on the outside, in his innermost soul he was passionately devoted to Berlin’s green spaces. Yael Bartana talks in an interview about the role that Berlin plays in her art and her own life, and Frédéric Brenner tells us about the stormy fall day in Berlin when he had the key idea for his photographic essay ZERHEILT: Healed to Pieces.

Journalist and presenter Shelly Kupferberg describes her Jewish youth in West Berlin. Our colleague Leonore Maier introduces a collection that brings alive Berlin’s world of luxury goods around the turn of the twentieth century, and Cilly Kugelmann, a mainstay of the museum since it was founded and program director for many years, gives us a succinct and lighthearted survey of the past two decades.

In this issue, we also portait the ANOHIS, the children's helpful companions in the recently opened ANOHA children's world: Read about their visions for Berlin.

Enjoy this visit to the old and new Berlin!

The cover of the  JMB Journals 22: A close-up of Berlin’s TV-tower in the sunset.

Cover of the JMB Journal Nr. 22

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