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JMB Journal 3: Business

The cover of the third issue of the JMB Journal shows the businessman Oved Ben Ami (1905–1989) depicted as a whimsically smiling angel by the Israeli photographer Micha Kirshner. This issue takes a look at "business" from perspectives as diverse as Jewish professional ethics, stereotypes suggestive of a special relationship between Jews and money, and reflections on politics, history, and biography.

Featuring articles by Doron Rabinovici, Nathan L. Kaplan, Corinne Sauer, Robert M. Sauer, Aubrey Pomerance, Benjamin Gidron, W. Michael Blumenthal, Iris Blochel-Dittrich, Leonore Maier, and Micol Ostow along with information about the exhibitions Foced Labor, The Sukkah, and "You've come to a family of perfumers": The Cosmetic Companies Scherk and Dr. Albersheim; the reinterpretation of an old painting; the Award for Understanding and Tolerance; Daniel Libeskind's design for our Academy; intercultural education efforts at the Jewish Museum Berlin; the new museum guide; and an interview with Daniel Wall. You can also read this issue of the Journal on
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