JMB Journal 7:

Our JMB Journal No. 7 on the theme of “Diversity,” was released to coincide with the grand opening of the Jewish Museum Berlin Academy in 2012. Its inauguration marked an expansion of the museum’s existing focus areas, adding programs and events dealing with the conditions necessary for a mutually beneficial coexistence of people with different class, cultural, and national backgrounds.

Topics in the issue include a comparison between the integration of Russian Jewish immigrants in the United States and in Germany, the lives of Asian-German immigrants in Berlin, the appearance of a new youth slang in Germany, and Arab intellectuals’ increasing interest in the Haskalah, the Jewish Enlightenment. Among the contributors to this issue are the Islamic Studies scholar Lukas Muehlethaler, the historian Yasemin Shooman, the political scientist Kiên Nghi Hà, and the anthropologist Jonathan Boyarin.

Featuring articles by Lukas Muehlethaler, Yasemin Shooman, Victoria Hegner, Jonathan Boyarin, Zafer Şenocak, Omar Kamil, Heike Wiese, Christoph Schmidt, and Kien Nghi Há along with information about the Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin in the Eric F. Ross Building; the Academy Program on Migration and Diversity; the Academy’s inaugural program; Karen Körber, the first fellow in our fellowship program; the Diaspora Garden; the Award for Understanding and Tolerance; the exhibition Obsessions: R.B. Kitaj (1932–2007); the interactive audio guide for children; and the new mobile exhibition.

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